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When Google made a critical change to its search algorithm, Bird Family Insulation had to make an immediate adjustment to their business to survive. The problem? Owner Bob Bird didn’t have the technical expertise to make the adjustment on his own.

  • Main Practice Area: General Home Services
  • Challenge: Adapting to Google’s Newest Algorithm
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
3 mobile phones of the client's website.

The Challenge

When Google changed its search engine algorithm back in 2016 to cater to searches made on smartphones and tablets, Bob Bird—Founder and Owner of Bird Family Insulation—didn’t suspect he had a major problem on his hands.

“When Google changed its search algorithm for mobile we didn’t think much of it,” explains Bob. “After all, we weren’t in the Internet business, we were in the insulation business.

“What we didn’t realize at the time was—in this day and age—every home services business like ours is actually an Internet business. The Internet is where homeowners go when they need to find someone to do the work they don’t want to do, whether it’s a plumber, an electrician, a roofer, or an insulation installer.”

Instead of showing up at the top of Page #1 in Google’s search results like it always had, Bob’s website suddenly appeared on the third and fourth pages of Google’s Search result, pages fewer than 5% of consumers ever see.

“Because of that one little change from Google, the calls went away, and it felt like they went away overnight,” Bob continues.

“I tried to fix the problem myself, but the truth is I just didn’t know what I was doing...We needed to modernize our website for Google search. We needed to create Google Ad campaigns. We flat out needed help.”

“You have to understand...It was me, my wife, and four small children in-tow. That’s five mouths to feed, five bodies to clothe, and five people to protect.”

Bob Bird, Founder and Owner, Bird Family Insulation

The Solution
1. Improved web traffic and digital visibility.

In the last 34 months, more than 61,000 people have visited Bob’s website,, an average of 1,794 a month.
An image of the client's website on an iPad.

2. Page #1 Search Engine Ranking

Today, Bird Family Insulation's average results page ranking is “Page 1” on search engines like Google and Bing.
An image of the client's website and a Google PPC ad.

3. Consistent, High-Quality Leads

Since working with their new marketing partner, Bird Family Insulation has seen a steady stream of high-quality leads come to its business; an average of 118 per month.

By the Numbers

  • The amount of revenue generated in 2018 for Bird Family Insulation 1.3 Million
  • Average ranking for Bird Family Insulation on consumer-review websites like Yelp. 4.9 out of 5
  • The number of leads driven to Bird Family Insulation in 34 months. 3,967

Hear from Bob Bird

"If you really commit to helping people you’ll always find success—that’s why Scorpion has been able to accomplish so much. If you’re out there looking to give your business a leg-up, you’ve got to partner with Scorpion."

Bob Bird Owner and Founder, Bird Family Insulation
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