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When Referrals Aren’t Enough: Diversifying Your Marketing Strategy

A chiropractor performing a procedure on a patient's foot.

Relying on Referrals

For many chiropractors, referrals are a reliable way of bringing in new patients. Whether they come from personal injury firms, nutritionists, physical therapists, or other patients, word-of-mouth marketing has traditionally been the key to generating new business in the chiropractic field.

But, that’s changing. Research shows that 90% of patients end up using online reviews to select their doctors. Additionally, it’s common for them to browse multiple websites during their search, like Yelp, Google Reviews, or WebMD.

Simply put: Online reputation is the new word of mouth.

Word of Mouth Only Goes So Far

While depending on referrals is a tried-and-true approach, digital marketing can reach a broader audience than word of mouth can. And, with people spending more and more time online these days, a practice looking to stay competitive needs to recognize the endless potential that comes from a comprehensive digital approach.

In this day and age, chiropractic patients are increasingly more likely to start their search with Google as they are to ask a friend or doctor for a recommendation. In fact, 71% of people say that internet reviews are the first place they look when seeking a provider.

Even traditional word-of-mouth referrals have an online angle, as one in five patients report using websites to evaluate doctors that have already been recommended by family or friends.

It’s also important to remember that focusing on your digital brand provides an edge over the competition. Reliance on referrals means you’re vying for the attention of the same limited pool of potential patients as every other chiropractor in your area. By taking full advantage of digital marketing, you’ll be able to cast a much wider net than other chiropractic practices in your area.

Getting the Word Out to the Right People

By investing in a broad digital marketing plan, you will be able to reach more people in your area and beyond. You’ll also be able to target the kinds of prospective patients who are most likely to actually schedule an appointment. It’s more precise than relying on referrals, and it’s easier to track who you’re advertising is getting through to.

Between a high-quality website that gives patients the information they need, data-driven online content, and an analytical infrastructure that can help you maximize your most successful tactics, a strong commitment to your practice’s digital presence will only add to the business that referrals bring in.

Manage Your Reputation and Watch Your Waiting Room Get Busy.

A well-rounded digital marketing strategy also gives you the tools to actively monitor and adjust your online presence and reputation as needed. With the right platform, you can react to customer reviews rapidly, respond to queries, and keep your brand identity up to speed with changing trends in the marketplace.

So, while referrals will always be a big part of your business, a strong online presence with a well-defined strategy behind it will increase your appointment volume and help ensure your office is top-of-mind when people are looking for a good chiropractor.