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Unlock the Power of Communication for Your Business

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Casey Shull

Why do customers choose small businesses? One of the biggest reasons is the level of personal attention and communication they receive.

Customer communication plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. It serves as the lifeline that connects businesses with customers, fostering strong relationships, building trust, and driving loyalty. By actively listening to customers, addressing their needs, and providing exceptional service, business owners can gain valuable insights, identify opportunities for improvement, and deliver personalized attention.

In today's competitive market, where customer expectations are high, mastering the art of communication is essential for businesses to thrive and stand apart from the competition.

Here are a few ways to build communication with your customers.

Automate, But Not at the Expense of Customer Experience

Small business owners can utilize the same type of advanced technology that big-box businesses do, including AI chat, which can provide customers with instant answers about your business.

However, it’s important to note that while AI chat is groundbreaking in ensuring customers get prompt responses to simple questions and tasks, most people prefer human interaction further down the sales process. A recent ActiveCampaign survey about small businesses noted that 64% of responders prefer in-person interaction, even with consumer experience becoming more digital. Hubspot conducted a similar study and concluded with, “Customers are okay with simply using chatbots for routine and simple tasks…but customers want to talk to a person, so combine both tools in your strategy.”

When people decide to interact with your business, whether you’re a plumber or a criminal defense lawyer, they expect top-tier communication. While technology can be a lifesaver in responding to a first contact, a representative from your company should always take over.

Use Your Tools to Get to Know Your Customer

Few things are as satisfying for a customer as when a business anticipates their needs. Usually, that kind of customer service can only be found in some small-town coffee shop, but thanks to the advancement of technology, that level of customer service is now more accessible than ever—even online.

How? With tools like AI chat, reviews, email campaigns, and surveys, businesses can get to know their customers before they interact with them. Even as the conversation is happening online, AI chat documents everything so business owners know what brought them to their site in the first place.

Even an online scheduler can give an invaluable glimpse into what brought a person to your website if it includes a place for a customer to input their reason for requesting an appointment. This prepares you and your team to provide helpful, effective communication.

There are many tools and strategies to help you understand what brought your customers or clients to your digital door. Use them to provide the most personalized experience possible.

Listen to Your Customer Reviews

Reviews help paint a picture of how people feel you and your staff are doing with customer satisfaction and business overall. Although they happen after the job is complete, reviews can help you pivot where needed or double down on what you’re doing right.

More importantly, reviews offer an opportunity to provide that next level of communication and customer service. Whether you’re simply thanking a customer for a positive review or addressing a concern, you’re showing that you care. You’re also building a valuable resource for people looking for your services online—and nine times out of 10, they are going to look at your reviews before making a decision.

Read and respond to your reviews to build customer loyalty and help increase conversions.

Unlock Your Communication Potential

According to a study by Accenture, 75% of customers are more likely to support a business that knows their name. With the right tools and technology, local businesses can deliver the personalized experience their customers expect–and convert more leads at the same time.

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