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Why Better Customer Communication is Vital In An AI World

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Casey Shull

With the world caught up in the advances of automation, AI, and ChatBot strategies, it can be easy to see the shiny attractiveness that automation technology can bring to your business.

Advances in AI mean businesses now have the ability to accelerate growth thanks to machine learning and upgrades to operational work. The introduction of automation makes performing tasks like sending invoices or newsletters out to your target audience a breeze. The new abilities of ChatGPT to write short form content and other tools like Ranking AI and AI Chat from Scorpion to help you rank faster on search engines and deliver exceptional customer experiences give options for small business owners to grow with technologies once available only to big companies like Google. 

But while all these amazing technological advances make one feel like we’re two steps away from The Jetson era, there’s one thing that shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of advancement—human connection. Now, more than ever, it’s vital that you strive to connect better with your customers through communication, specifically empathetic communication. 

What is Empathic Communication?

Empathic communication is when you bring understanding and emotional perspective to a conversation. In this case, when a business owner listens to their customer's pain points. In other words, when you put yourself in someone else's shoes.

For a lawyer, it may be giving the client your full time and attention during the discovery process. For a home services professional, it could be being attentive while the customer informs you of the trouble a maintenance problem has caused in their home.

When you’re excelling at empathic communication, it means you’re paying attention to body language, visual cues, and the tone of the customer. The customer, in return, will feel heard, validated, and that you care about them.

What it brings to your business

When customers feel like they’re being treated well by a business, that’s the beginning layers of a foundation for loyalty. On the other hand, if you or your staff are unempathetic, customers may not be so quick to call upon you again.

Empathetic communication in your growth strategy builds–

  • Loyal customers
  • Improved reputation
  • Increased productivity
  • Excellent customer service

Pay attention to the climate for your customers, as that will help gauge the type of empathy your customers are looking for. During the pandemic, customers were seeking human connection while maintaining social distancing. An inflated economy means clients are stressed about costs and job security. By showing you truly care about your customers and their needs tells them that you're a business that puts customers first.

Moving forward with empathy

No matter who your target audience is, remember your conversations with them should be two-way communication. That means maintaining eye contact as you listen to them, show them you care with non-verbal cues like occasional nodding and appropriate facial expressions. If you’re sending technicians out on the job, make sure they’re trained on how to be active listeners to the customers.

Combining tools with good communication

We’ve talked a lot about communicating with your customers in person. Still, thanks to the current consumer environment, a lot of communication between you and customers may be done online. That doesn’t mean there’s not space to be still empathic and build on your customer communication.

Tools like Scorpion’s AI Chatlive chat or communications suite allow you to stay in contact with your customers in real-time easily. Strong communication may end with empathy, but it starts with availability. Ensure you have the right tools so customers can easily connect with you or a staff member when needed.

While communicating online via video call, chat, texting, or phone, ensure you stay engaged with the person on the other line. That includes turning off distractions like Slack to give them your full attention. Make sure you’re present and open-minded. Let them speak, but ask follow-up questions so they know you’re listening.

When you put empathic communication as one of your strategies to run your best business, you are putting your customers first and setting yourself up for success. If you’re ready to embrace both the power of technology and the right communication tools, reach out to Scorpion today to get started.

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