The Scorpions Walk All Over the J-Walkers

Posted by Kylie Patterson

This week the Scorpions faced off against the J-Walkers. Once again the home team, Scorpion’s roster was full for a change and ready for action.

The first inning, the Scorpions didn’t allow a single run to get past them. With a starting score of being up by four, it was already shaping up to be a good game. Although it was an early game, the size of the crowd was exceptional and almost fully in place by the second inning. Online Profile Specialist, and new member of the company, Brett “Pipes” Piper, stepped up to the plate with something to prove and he certainly did not disappoint. He slid face-first into home, giving the Scorpions the first home run of the game and helping bring the score to 10-0.

Heading into the third inning with a shut-out on the horizon, the pressure became too great – the Scorpions allowed two runs. Never one to let the fans get down, one of the most competitive members of the Scorpions was up at bat and ready to bring on the magic. Sure enough, VP of Sales Ben “Coug” Fiandaca hit a clean home run, bringing the score to 12-2.

Despite an impressive hustle by the outfield, a strong wind during the fourth inning was causing the ball to suddenly curve mid-air, giving the J-Walkers just the opening they needed to build up some momentum. The score quickly jumped to 12-11. With some excellent runs themselves, the Scorpions used the wind to their advantage and jumped to a score of 26-11.

The final three innings were slow with the Scorpions holding the J-Walkers to just two runs in the fifth for a score of 26-13. With a scoreless sixth and seventh inning, it was still a great game.

Come out next week to cheer on the Scorpions as they face Off Constantly at 7:30 pm on June 29. We’ll once again be at Central Park on Field #4.