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Scorpion Launches First-to-Market Artificial Intelligence Solution, Increasing Visibility and Driving Revenue

Scorpion brings artificial intelligence to the hands of businesses to improve search engine rankings, revenue, and more.

Scorpion, the leading provider of digital marketing technology, announced the release of Ranking.AI, a solution to help bring the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to businesses by improving search engine rankings, generating leads and ultimately driving more revenue.

Ranking.AI is the outcome of Scorpion's 2021 acquisition of CanIRank and the integration of its technology into Scorpion's Marketing Platform. The powerful marriage of these advanced technologies leverages machine learning to identify the best opportunities for businesses of all sizes to improve their organic rankings on Google. The AI learns as it analyzes Google's 200+ ranking factors, and adapts immediately to drive improved results month after month.

"In the last 12 months alone, we helped drive more than 15 million leads for businesses across North America – pairing our experts with best-in-class technology to maximize rankings and improve visibility. Our solution is smart, cost-effective, and, most importantly, it works," said Rustin Kretz, Scorpion's founder and CEO. "Google is complicated and constantly changing. Businesses have enough challenges without having to worry about the latest in SEO or how to improve their rankings online. At Scorpion, we are committed to changing the game, and we are determined to help more businesses get found more often."

The company's world-class SEO solution, Scorpion Ranking, uses the Ranking.AI technology to analyze more than 40,000 unique data points to understand which ranking factors Google is currently rewarding most. SEO opportunities are then chosen from a library of strategies that are prioritized for each business and its unique market. Each strategy has been proven effective in significantly improving rankings for the most valuable search terms.

Scorpion Chief Data Scientist and CanIRank Founder Matt Bentley said, "Ranking.AI represents the next evolution of more than ten years of investment in our mission to democratize data science and give local businesses access to the same AI technologies that have revolutionized enterprise marketing, at a much more accessible price point."

After Ranking.AI identifies the most effective strategies, Scorpion's team of SEO experts executes the work. The work and the results are tracked in Scorpion's Marketing Platform, giving Scorpion clients sustained momentum, transparency inside their unique ranking campaign and the confidence that their SEO strategy is hyper-relevant in an ever-changing environment.

About Scorpion

For over two decades, Scorpion has helped local business owners leverage technology and marketing to reach their goals. Scorpion helps business owners understand their local market and optimize their marketing efforts to drive more revenue. Through award-winning technology and dedicated people, Scorpion helps businesses run their best business—unifying every part of their business towards reaching their goals. To learn more, visit Scorpion.co.