October EOM Donates to the LACPCA

Posted by Scorpion

In October of 2013, the employee honored as the Employee of the Month (EOM) gave their donation to the Los Angeles County Police Canine Association. LACPCA unites law enforcement agencies throughout the Los Angeles County who work with police dogs. These working canines remain an invaluable resource to LAPD as they are able to detect multiple odors that would other go undetected; K9s are also able to see clearly, which allows them to alert their partner to armed suspects who have not yet been seen. Not only do working police dogs protect their handlers and officers, they help to protect the public.

Therefore, it is LACPCA's purpose to promote friendship amongst canine units and to help improve their abilities both on and off the job through coordinated ideas for advanced training. They also work to improve the public image of working police dogs.

If you are interested in learning more about LACPCA or donating yourself, visit them at www.lacpca.com.