Scorpion Cares Donates to Young Local Boy in Need

Posted by Scorpion

In August of 2012, Scorpion Cares reached out to help young Max Hansen and his family. Max was 14-months-old when doctors realized that what they had previously thought was a virus was actually a brain tumor. He was immediately rushed to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, where they were successfully able to get the tumor removed—which was later diagnosed as cancer. Since then, Max has undergone three rounds of chemotherapy and, according to his parents, he is handling them "like a champ." As of the end of July, he was planning on receiving blood and platelet transfusions to build up the numbers dropped during chemotherapy before getting to go home for a few weeks to spend time with his parents and older brother.

When Scorpion heard of Max's story, we immediately sprung into action. That month, our two Employee of the Month honorees donated their monthly contribution to his cause. That, along with the individual donations from employees around the company raised a total of $3,000 for Max and his family. We, however, went further and made an additional corporate donation of $5,500 to the family. Scorpion employees then put together a gift basket along with personal cards to send to the family because at Scorpion, caring is more than just an empty word—it is our heartfelt promise to the local community.