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Scorpion Participates in SheTech Event, Mentoring Teenage Girls Toward Careers in Technology

Group of teenagers at SheTech

Utah's Women Tech Council kicked off Women's History Month last week with its annual SheTech event. SheTech encourages and inspires middle school and high school-aged girls to pursue careers in science and technology. This is the first year Scorpion employees participated in SheTech since the company moved its headquarters to Salt Lake City in 2021.

Scorpion employees volunteered their time to mentor 40 girls through an assigned tech challenge. The prompt? They were asked to create a technology solution to reduce the spread of misinformation available online, but they had only 45 minutes to discuss the prompt, brainstorm their idea, visualize the concept, and practice their pitch for the judges.

Tables were filled with girls from diverse backgrounds and neighborhoods from across the state of Utah. But despite that, they worked quickly, collaborating together toward practical technical solutions to solve a common problem that all students today can relate to.

“I hope the girls left feeling inspired by the opportunity to come together like this in support of the impact they could make in the future of technology,” said Scorpion’s Andrew Adams. “I personally felt re-energized about my role at Scorpion by watching them get excited about solving complex problems like this one. This is a great event and one that I know our employees will enjoy participating in every year.”

SheTech is just one way Women Tech Council is working to support women in technology roles in the Greater Salt Lake City area, and Scorpion is excited to continue to volunteer at events like these with other like minded companies, pursuing our commitment to diversity in our industry.