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Scorpion Scorpion

New Brand, Same Commitment To Clients

Scorpion Rebrand Lockup
Corey Quinn

One of the things we talk to our clients about is the importance of constant and continual innovation and reinvention. This is so that as the Internet changes and as technology evolves, they can continue to reach more clients, more customers, and generate more revenue more successfully than in years past.

Well, the same applies to us here at Scorpion.

Last year, we took on the challenge of reinventing and innovating our brand identity in the marketplace. It had been 6 years since the last major update to our look and feel, and we felt it was time to modernize, streamline, and simplify our branding.

Doing so puts us in good company. In the last 23 years, for example, Google has redesigned its branding 7 times.

As a part of this rebranding process, we also worked to capture and define the true and timeless essence of what it means to be a Scorpion employee and a Scorpion client.

This process took us through months of client and employee interviews to distill the core ethos of what makes Scorpion a special company.

What has emerged from this process is a brand strategy paired with a new visual identity that sets us up to help our clients better than ever before.

Our new brand strategy is focused on serving our clients and employees for a better future, driven by our vision, mission, and purpose.

Our Vision answers the question: “What do we want to be in the future?”

Scorpion clients come to us to solve the challenges they face that are critical to the health of their business. We know that oftentimes, clients have tried to solve their problems either independently or with other providers and come to us with a level of fear and anxiety because what they’ve done in the past wasn’t working for them. At Scorpion, we know we must earn the trust that invites us into our clients' business strategies — and, sometimes, their family meals.

Scorpion's Vision

Our Vision drives our Mission, which is what we do day in and day out. Creating a better way is what we do for our clients, and that means thinking outside the box, ensuring great communication, and staying ahead of the curve through innovation with a growth mindset.

Scorpion's Mission

Our Purpose is how we want our Vision and Mission to ultimately manifest themselves with our clients and employees. Our Purpose answers the question: “What is the ultimate impact we are trying to achieve?”

Scorpion's Purpose

With our new brand strategy established, we got to work on creating a new visual identity for Scorpion. We wanted to visually represent the passion and elegance we bring to the service, products, and technology our clients receive on a daily basis.

We’re very proud and excited to roll out this new visual identity and design system. Here are the highlights, below.

Our New Logo

This new logo modernizes and simplifies our iconic Scorpion bug while maintaining the strength and passion of the Scorpion ethos.

Scorpion logo

Our New Wordmark

Our new wordmark is developed with a custom font and a distinctive “R” that we feel reflects our brand’s unique personality.

Scorpion Wordmark

Logo and Wordmark Stacked

In the stacked lockup version, you can begin to see the formation of a star in the negative space between the Scorpion’s claws, body, and the wordmark. We feel this star is a great metaphor for our clients, who are the North Star for everything we do here at Scorpion.

Scorpion Lockup

Our New Color Palette

Our updated color palette is anchored in by a bright, vibrant blue, complemented by three lighter shades of blue as accent colors. The palette also includes whites, greys and a unique “Scorpion black.”

Color Palette

Color Combinations

Combining our new logo and color palette gives us plenty of options for logo usage while maintaining contrast and clarity.

Color combinations 1

Color combinations 2

New Website

Our new website simplifies our messaging and focuses on the problems we solve for our clients. We removed the overly technical language found in previous sites and tried to address each client’s human/emotional needs as a business owner, solo practitioner, or marketing executive.

Scorpion Website

So, What’s Staying the Same?

This rebranding process has helped us clarify and organize the core elements of the Scorpion experience that make up our success. Going forward, we will be even more intentional about how we work with clients and employees in order to have a positive and lasting impact on theirĀ lives.

This includes challenging ourselves to continually innovate everything we do, drive real results, create great and memorable experiences, show genuine care, and move quickly with a ‘doer’ mentality.

We’re excited to invite you on this journey with us. If you’d like to learn more about Scorpion and how we can help your business in 2020, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you.