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Scorpion Ranks Among Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials

2017 Best Places to Work for Millenials
Jessica Bernabe

Millennials make up a powerful generation. In fact, they’re now America’s largest generation, with more than 75 million people between the ages of 18 and 34—having surpassed the Baby Boomer population for the title. However, many Millennials aren’t finding what they’re looking for in the workplace. According to Fortune, 6 in 10 Millennials are looking for new jobs, and turnover from this generation leads to costs of roughly $30 billion a year.

To show which companies are getting it right and meeting the needs of their younger employees, Fortune published its list of the “100 Best Workplaces for Millennials.” The list is based on survey data from Great Place to Work®.

We are proud to announce that Scorpion ranked #87 on Fortune's "100 Best Workplaces for Millennials” list. At the time of the survey, our digital marketing agency had a total of 343 Millennial employees, with this age group making up 83% of our workforce.

Here’s what one of our Millennial employees had to say about us—as featured in our “100 Best Workplaces for Millennials” profile.

“The work environment here is absolutely incredible! Everyone is treated as an important member of the team. We are given bonuses when we hit goals and are encouraged to think outside of the box. It is also incredible that they find a spot for everyone. If management thinks you are a good fit for this company, they will find the best position for you to utilize your strengths, even if that means changing teams or jobs. We are also given the opportunity to bond as a team with team outings and budgets for team mojo.”

Another employee said:

“Everyone is welcome to give input on what is problematic and what can be done for improvement, and we can speak to our leaders about issues that come up.”

Sheena Works, Scorpion’s Director of Training and Organization, said Scorpion believes in creating the best work environment possible for Millennials and older generations alike.

“We strive to provide a culture that encourages all our employees to develop their skills and grow their careers,” she said. "We give our Scorpions opportunities to use their creative freedom to innovate and lead, as well as a fun and collaborative work environment that keeps them motivated and connected to their teammates. We are proud to be a company that includes so many talented people of all ages!”

Identifying the Top 100 Companies

We know what you’re thinking—what makes Scorpion such a great place to work for Millennials? To answer that question, you first need to know how the top 100 companies are ranked.

The list is based on data from Great Place to Work, a Fortune partner that surveyed more than 398,000 U.S. employees at Great Place to Work-Certified companies across the nation. Of all the employees surveyed, tens of thousands were Millennials.

Great Place to Work used these 3 factors to rank the companies:

  1. Millennial Ratings – They analyzed how Millennials rated their workplaces on over 50 Great Place to Work metrics, such as managers’ competence, opportunities for meaningful work, respect and fairness in the workplace, and colleagues.
  2. Comparison to Other Generations – They compared the Millennial employee results with results from older employees to ensure that the younger generation’s experience was just as positive. The publication especially looked at areas where Millennial experiences tend to be lower on the scale, such as fair pay, access to meaningful work, and their future plans within their organizations.
  3. A Consistent Experience within a Diverse Group – They took demographic patterns into account to ensure that great Millennial experiences were consistent across all types of employees and positions.

Scorpion ranked among the 100 best workplaces for Millennials because our employees feel that we offer them the opportunities they need to succeed and find fulfillment in their work—regardless of their age.

Our company’s ranking by Fortune follows our recent certification as a Great Place to Work, which shows an overall 96% rating by our employees who took the survey. In this survey, Scorpion received high ratings (above the 90th percentile) for offering great challenges, atmospheres, rewards, pride, communication, and bosses. Scorpion’s employees also enjoy great company perks that we like to call “mojo”—such as team outings, free meals and snacks, and bonuses.

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