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Round 2: Scorpion Wins Big As Clutch Names Company Among the Industry’s Top Leaders

2018 Top Digital Marketing Agencies, Clutch

For the second time, Clutch, a D.C. market research firm, has named Scorpion among LA’s best advertising and marketing agencies. Having been granted designations as one of the city’s…

…this is a commendable achievement, of which the support and influence of our clients cannot be understated.

In grading, Clutch uses a scoring rubric that emphasizes delivery, marketing, SEO services, and most importantly, client reference reviews. Within this criteria, the practice of providing quality service and tangible results is inescapable.

As a result, in the process of helping our clients grow their business, or being awarded for our service to them, our clients are represented in everything we do.

On the enduring role of agencies to a company’s goals for growth, Sara Philibotte, Business Analyst at Clutch, had this to say:

“Strong agencies and developers are essential business partners in an increasingly web-based world. These companies have demonstrated excellence in their service areas and have been consistently praised by clients, earning them a top place in this report.”

Having won awards relating to design, marketing, and business development, to be recognized by Clutch is a simultaneous recognition of the clients we serve. For Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Matthew Shepherd, the focus is clear:

“This rare accomplishment inspires pride in all of us, not only because of the rapid growth of our company, but because we all realize that we are contributing to the expansion and success of more and more Scorpion clients every year.”

With 16 years behind us, a Google Premier partnership, and the acquisition of the powerhouse firm Driven Local, we plan to continue representing our clients in a manner worthy of this recognition.

At Scorpion, our clients are the lifeblood of our business and inform every decision we make.

Let’s move forward together.

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