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Scorpions Race to the Finish Line in Santa Clarita Marathon


How fast can a Scorpion run? We put this to the test when we sponsored 7 of our Scorpion employees in the Nov. 5 Santa Clarita Marathon. Our team members hit the pavement sporting their Scorpion gear and pushing their bodies to keep going as they raced toward the finish line. While the race was a challenge, our employees say it was well worth the effort.

Why Our Scorpions Run

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For Allie Dierckman, Scorpion’s corporate trade show manager, this was her 4th year running in the community event. She said used to hate running but decided to sign up for the SCV half marathon in 2013. Now, she participates every year.

“All it takes is one race and you’re hooked. It’s one of the most exhilarating feelings,” Allie said.“The city does a great job and all of the volunteers who pass out water, PowerAde, etc. do not go unnoticed. Cars honk as you pass by them, bystanders all over the trails and streets cheer the runners on, and there are hundreds and hundreds of people lined up at the finish line cheering you on (even people playing the drums).

“It’s especially rewarding to work for a company like Scorpion who will sponsor you to run the marathon. It shows that Scorpion cares about the SCV community and wants their employees to lead healthy and happy lives.”

James Bennett, a search engine marketing assistant at Scorpion, shared a similar experience of getting hooked on marathons and other athletic events.

“My wife is a running/triathlete coach, so being a couch potatoes was never an option,” James said.“It all started out with doing the Santa Clarita 5K six years ago. Since then, I’ve become a triathlete and completed two half Ironman races, along with man sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. Half Ironman is a 1-mile swim, 56-mile bike, and a 13-mile run.

“I thought it was so cool of Scorpion to sponsor any serious racers for this event. It’s great knowing that my employer fully supports my athletic passions!”

John Daly, an Internet marketing manager at Scorpion and a member of the Santa Clarita Runners Club, said this year’s marathon was the perfect opportunity for him to run with new friends—his coworkers. It also gave him “an amazing team in Scorpion.”

“Scorpion is a perfect sponsor for events that promote teamwork and fitness such as this one,” John said.“I can’t wait for the chance to do it again next year.”

Stamina & Determination: A Staple of Scorpion Culture

We love seeing our employees spring into action—not just in the office, but also out and about in the local community, serving as examples of healthy lifestyle choices. We commend each of our Scorpion runners for rising up to the challenge and completing the race! Their stamina and determination that got them to the finish line is the very same thing that makes them so good at what they do at Scorpion.

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