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Scorpion Named Google Platform Innovator of the Year

Corey Quinn

We did it - we won the Google Platform Innovator of the Year Award! This honor recognizes a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner that has introduced an innovative feature or tool that has led to improved campaign management and performance. The award also looks at solutions that provide scalability for managing numerous accounts and improved transparency for AdWords users.

We are thrilled that Google chose our proprietary Scorpion Marketing System (SMS) for the award. This Internet marketing platform was designed by our team to include advanced metrics and tools to help our clients remove a lot of the guesswork from their Google AdWords campaigns. This cutting-edge system not only allows us to create more successful campaigns for our clients from the start, but it also gives us the data we need to continually strengthen their campaigns over time.

“Guided by the expertise of our trusted partners like Scorpion, small- and medium-sized businesses can maximize the value and performance of their campaigns,” said Ben Wood, Director of Channel Sales Americas, Google Inc.

According to Scorpion CEO Rustin Kretz, it’s all about empowering clients.

“Scorpion has always been passionate about producing great results for our clients to help them grow their business,” Kretz said. “That is why we continue to invest so heavily into the creation of our paid online advertising platform. It allows us to run dynamic, intelligent online advertising campaigns—and gives both us and our clients instant access to the data we need to do so. We are honored that Google recognized us for our innovative marketing solutions, but even prouder of the results our strategies have yielded for thousands of businesses nationwide.”

Keep reading for details about exactly what our platform does.

The Need

There are a lot of unknowns when you start running a Google AdWords campaign. It can be difficult to know how much you should spend, which services you should focus on, which geographic areas you should target, and how many leads and customers you can expect to receive. To make things easier on our clients, and on ourselves when managing their campaigns, we added features to our online marketing platform that help remove some of the mystery.

The Solution

What does our Scorpion Management System do to improve AdWords results for our clients?

  • It gathers detailed information from the client about the types of leads they do and do not want, the average value of their leads, the number of leads needed each month, the areas they do and do not want to target, and more.
  • It has an integrated geo-target tool that provides demographic information such as average household income by zip code, city, county, radius, and state.
  • It allows our team to better predict the AdWords budget that is needed to get the number and types of leads the client wants to receive each month.
  • It give us and our clients more realistic expectations and a clear path to AdWords success.
  • It allows for lead tracking, which enables our team to continually optimize the client’s campaign so we can achieve better results.

We have found that using our system’s data to optimize our clients’ campaigns leads to an increase of at least 30% in overall effectiveness.

As a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, we are constantly pushing for new solutions that will improve the experience and outcomes of our AdWords clients. If you are interested in using paid search advertising to grow your business, partner with Scorpion! Contact us today to learn more.