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Excellent Client Ratings Earn Scorpion the 2016 Google Customer Satisfaction Champion Award


At Scorpion, we know our clients deserve the best. That’s why we work so hard to deliver the highest quality of customer service. Businesses and organizations that work with Scorpion get a dedicated team of certified digital marketing experts, rapid response times, and close monitoring of their marketing and ad campaigns.

Our clients have taken notice of the higher standard of service at Scorpion. Because of their excellent customer service scores of our digital marketing company, Google has named Scorpion the 2016 Google Channel Sales Customer Satisfaction Champion for North America. We are honored to have received this incredible distinction!

Here’s what our CEO and other members of the executive team have to say about this recognition:

"I've never been more proud of an award. Throughout Scorpion’s history, we've won many different awards, but this one is incredibly special. At the core of our business is the philosophy to go above and beyond for our clients. Being the company that was voted, above all others, as delivering the best satisfaction with AdWords is everything we've been trying to do. Build the best technology with the best people and deliver the best results and experience. What an absolute honor.”
—Rustin Kretz, Chief Executive Officer, Scorpion

“This award means so much to me personally because it was our clients who gave us this honor. We were rated the Customer Satisfaction Champion by the very people whose campaigns we’re running, and that’s something that we’re overwhelmingly proud of. This award confirms that our clients believe in our dedication to being the best for them.”
—Dan Bedell, Chief Operating Officer, Scorpion

“This award is an incredible acknowledgement that validates the hard work our teams have been putting in day in and day out to serve our clients. It is our mission to create true partnerships with our clients and to make their goals our own goals. We push to exceed their expectations, and once we do that, we just work harder to bring our clients even more success.”
—Eric Reuveni, Chief Experience Officer, Scorpion

Innovative Technology & a Team That Acts As an Extension of Your Business

Along with excellent customer service, Scorpion also provides clients with the leading technology to improve their marketing efficiency and performance. This explains why Google also gave us another major accolade this year—we were named the 2016 Google Platform Innovator of the Year. We received the award for our proprietary advertising technology that allows us to set up paid search advertising campaigns that better match our client’s goals and needs.

When you work with Scorpion, you get a team of Internet marketing experts who serve as an extension of your business or organization. You leave the Internet marketing to us so you can just focus on what you do best—running your business.

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