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32 Google AdWords Certified Specialists Working at Scorpion

Google AdWords

One of the many reasons Scorpion’s clients have the best possible paid search campaigns is that they are managed by a team of Google-certified professionals who remain current on the industry standard while also pushing the envelope. By having team members who are certified in each of the six Google certification disciplines, our clients work with professionals who not only know Google AdWords fundamentals, but who strive to master all areas of Google advertising. This allows our clients to get the very best results that they deserve.

This passion is why 32 of those employees have become Google AdWords Certified Specialists. To become Google AdWords Certified, an individual must pass two exams, while the Specialist certification requires them to pass all 6 of the AdWords exams.

The 6 exams for becoming a Google AdWords Certified Specialist included the following:

  • AdWords Fundamentals
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

Becoming a Specialist required each of these employees to take a total of 10.5 hours of tests, not to mention the countless hours of studying and refining of their skills through hands-on application. In addition to Scorpion's 32 Google AdWords Certified Specialists, we also have a company of employees who are Google AdWords Certified, meaning they have passed two AdWords exams.

Scorpion Round-Up: How Our Clients Benefit

Here are some of the reasons why our Scorpion employees decided to become Google AdWords Certified Specialists, and why we believe these certifications benefit our clients’ businesses.

“It’s all about our clients at Scorpion. I took the Specialist challenge to build credibility and trust with my clients—so that they have no doubt in their minds that I am a professional and an expert in what I do. As a Google AdWords Certified Specialist, my clients can trust that the level of training that I have received comes directly from the best at Google. This reinforces that we use Google’s best practices in all of our Internet advertising campaigns. By following these best practices, we ultimately are setting up our clients to succeed.”

—Matthew Judy, Internet Marketing Manager, Scorpion

“With any type of marketing, it is important to diversify your ad visibility. Each type of marketing has benefits, but it takes someone experienced to know when and how to utilize the different services to the best advantage. Google’s certification program offers a way for potential clients to see if the agency has been trained in Google’s advertising services. Scorpion is proud to have numerous AdWords specialists who are certified in all of Google’s services.”

—Elliott Golbar, Senior SEM Manager, Scorpion

“Being Google AdWords Certified Specialists doesn’t just mean we get a cool badge to add to our page or a fancy plaque to add to our wall. Having over 30 Google AdWords Certified Specialists means your advertising team has shown advanced competency in all aspects of Google advertising. Each one of these individuals has studied and passed all 6 AdWords courses and final exams. We love what we do here at Scorpion, and we are proud of our ongoing education and accomplishments!”

—Jen Holub, Director of Social Media, Scorpion

Grow Your Business with the Help of Scorpion’s Certified Experts

Don’t work with just any Internet marketing partner—work with one that can give you the assurance that your online advertising campaigns are in the right hands. Scorpion has numerous certifications and partnerships to demonstrate our expertise. You can learn more about these achievements below:

Scorpion’s Certifications & Partnerships

  • Google AdWords Certified
  • Google AdWords Certified Specialist
  • Google Premier Partner
  • Bing Elite Partner
  • YouTube Certified

When you work with Scorpion, you get only the best digital advertising services, which help you boost your online exposure, attract more business, and gain the competitive advantage in your industry and local markets.

To find out how our team can help you run more successful online advertising campaigns, contact Scorpion today!