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Clutch Names Scorpion Design a Top Digital Strategy Agency

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Clutch, a B2B research company based in Washington, DC, has recently published its 2015 Top Digital Strategy Agencies list, and Scorpion Design is featured on it! We were selected because of our first-in-class ability to deliver on client expectations. We were one of just 10 digital strategy companies selected.

“Digital strategy agencies must identify their clients’ visions and goals to create digitally-focused initiatives,” said Eleonora Israele, Analyst at Clutch. “These firms have shown their ability to get a deep understanding of their clients’ objectives and create plans of action to achieve those targets.”

Through its Leaders Matrix methodology, Clutch thoroughly evaluated us based on a number of different factors. These factors include market presence, client feedback, company experience, industry recognition, and certifications.

Here’s a glimpse of our ratings from the Clutch assessment:

  • Market presence — 10 (Excellent)
  • References — 9.87 (Excellent)
  • Clients and Experience — 8.25 (Very Good)

The Leaders Matrix methodology maps out top service and solutions providers by comparing various firms’ level of focus on their service areas to their ability to deliver on client expectations. As seen in the chart below, we ranked high on the “Proven” scale for our ability to deliver, and we ranked relatively high in focus on our service area. In the chart, the size of the bubbles represents company size.

Chart showing where Scorpion stands under the principles: Proven, Niche, Market leaders, and Emerging

Here at Scorpion, exceptional client service is central to everything we do, whether we are helping a client with web design, search engine optimization, pay per click (PPC) advertising, or some other type of Internet marketing need.

“Over the years, we’ve found that our own expectations for clients’ campaigns often surpass what they had in mind,” said Eric Reuveni, Scorpion’s Client Experience Officer. “By holding ourselves at a standard of world-class service, we end up far exceeding our clients’ expectations, and we frequently get asked how it’s even possible. That’s an environment we thrive in.”

If you’re looking to work with a leading digital agency, please contact us!