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Scorpion Employee Bets on Horses to Support Children in Her Community

A woman with her horse.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a child who doesn’t like ponies.

They’re big, docile—and let’s be honest—pretty fun.

However, to children and young adults in Santa Clarita with special needs, they’re more than a good time; they’re a vehicle to a better life.

One Scorpion employee, Corporate Events Manager Mallory Nicol, understood this intrinsic value well.

That’s why an organization called Carousel Ranch immediately came to mind when Mallory was given the opportunity to choose a charity of her choice for a Scorpion donation. (This was one of the company perks she received for being named October Employee of the Month.)

What’s Carousel Ranch and how do they transform the lives of kids?

Carousel Ranch is a non-profit organization that was founded in Santa Clarita Valley (in California) in 1997 by Becky Graham and Denise Redmond. The charity has one goal: to improve the lives of children and young adults with special needs.

Beginning with a horse, a student, and a friendly neighbor’s backyard, Carousel Ranch has come a long way—operating out of five locations between 1997 and 2005 before finally settling in on a 10-plus-acre ranch in Agua Dulce.

Carousel Ranch now serves more than 85 children each week in individual therapy sessions, as well as an additional 12 young adults with disabilities in their vocational training program.
Why Mallory considers Carousel Ranch a sure bet for making a difference

Mallory believes Carousel Ranch is an incredible resource for kids and young adults, and one she wants to see continue:

“Carousel Ranch is an amazing local charity in Santa Clarita that helps special needs children through equestrian therapy and vocational training programs. The care they provide to these kids and how much it improves their lives is incredible! The progress they make from the time they start at Carousel Ranch to where they end up after they graduate can be life-changing. They have a few new vocational programs they are beginning to implement with local hotels and Starbucks, and I believe this donation will help.”

If you would like to help support Carousel Ranch, you can donate here.

Scorpion’s Employee of the Month charity donations are a monthly occurrence that are made possible through Scorpion Cares, the company’s charitable giving division.

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