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Hungry for Change, One Scorpion Employee Chooses to Feed the World

A child hungry child with a bowl

Children are the most vulnerable demographic in the world.

They’re the most affected by a lack of life’s essentials—nutritious food, clean water, and shelter—and also the least equipped to access these much-needed resources on their own.

This means children need caring adults to survive.

It means they need us.

One Scorpion employee understood this responsibility well; in fact, he knew exactly what it was like to grow up hungry and in need of support.

So, when Vice President of Sales Travis Carter won September Employee of the Month and (as a result) gained the opportunity to support a charitable cause of his choosing, his mind was already made up.

He chose Feed the Children

Founded in 1979, Feed the Children was created with the sole purpose of alleviating childhood hunger. With a belief that the first 1,000 days of a kid’s life are a time of incredible transformation, Feed the Children aims to provide growing children with healthy food and clean water.

Today, hunger affects 1 in every 9 children. However, with the right resources and leadership, a future where no child is forced to go to bed hungry is within reach.

For Travis, this potential future is deeply and personally compelling:

“The choice to pick Feed the Children was an easy one because there were times in my life where I was that hungry child. It pains me to see a child go hungry because it’s not like they can throw on a suit, fill out an application, and make their own living. Children are totally dependent, and I’ll sleep a bit easier knowing that we helped some of these children not only get their bellies filled, but relieve the stress of knowing where their next meal is coming from. From personal experience, I know that stress is taxing, which is why I’m happy to help.”

If you’d like to help support Feed the Children, you can donate here.

Scorpion’s Employee of the Month charity donations are a monthly occurrence that are made possible through Scorpion Cares, the company’s charitable giving division.

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