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3-Day and Weekly Dispatch

September 13, 2022

With the new 3-Day and Weekly Dispatch, you can view more days at once

Are you looking for more than just a daily schedule? A new 3-day dispatch view and a weekly dispatch view give you a broader view of your schedule.

Why is this release great for you?

  1. Choose from a variety of views: You can now select from daily, 3-day or weekly views
  2. Improves efficiency: Get better visibility, and plan more accurately, without having to spend time printing schedules
  3. See the bigger picture: This elevated view will show you which technicians are where, on which days, and save you time
  4. Get the most out of your team: By using the 3-day and weekly views, you can more easily plan capacity for your team and technicians

Eliminate the guesswork from your service pricing with Time and Material

The time and materials addition improves the accuracy of service pricing on custom items by automatically calculating based on business metrics, ensuring both labor and material costs are covered for each job.

Why is this release great for you?

  • More control over pricing: You can make sure labor, material, and overhead costs are appropriately charged to your customers
  • Improve job costing: 'Billable rate' and 'Material markup' can be set for basic job costing, but can be customized for additional metrics, such as labor markup and profit margin
  • Increase confidence: Be confident that your business costs will be covered and profit maximized without the need for lengthy and costly discovery

TIP: Set up your Time and Material metrics in Operations Pricing settings, and then add a custom service item to an Estimate or Invoice to calculate its price