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New Advertising Reports in the Marketing Suite

January 20, 2023

Within the Marketing Suite, you’ll now have access to six new advertising reports.

1. Advertising Campaigns Report
Quickly see the results of your advertising efforts broken down by campaign, marketing channel, and spend.


Track Your Campaigns

2. Advertising Spend Report
Track your monthly advertising spend and measure your return on investment.


Track your advertising spend

3. Top Search Terms Report
See the most common search terms people used to find your business online.


See your top search terms

4. Advertising Geography Report
See where you’re targeting ads geographically and how those ads are performing.


See where you're advertising

5. Advertising Landing Pages Report
See which pages people are landing on after they click on an advertising campaign and track the performance of those landing pages.


See your top landing pages

6. Advertising Leads Report
See what type of leads you’re receiving, what advertising sources are driving your leads, and specific contact details for each lead.


See your advertising leads

How will these reports help you convert more leads into new customers?

  • Easily track your advertising spend and see how many leads you’re receiving
  • See leads generated from search term campaigns
  • Understand which landing pages on your website are converting visitors into leads
  • See how your leads are trending over time
  • Understand where your leads are coming from so you know where you should invest your time and money
  • See specific contact details for each lead
  • See your individual advertising campaigns and track cost per lead