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Changes from Mobile Carriers Impacting Scorpion Clients

July 25, 2023

Major mobile carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon) have created a new registry to protect consumers from spam text messages. All businesses will be required to register before they can send out text messages to consumers. For our clients, this means anything tied to text messages, such as Comms Suite, Payments Suite, Reputation, and the Operations Suite, will be impacted.

Within the next week, we will email all affected clients asking them to register their business for text communications. Scorpion will handle the registration process, but there are a couple of things our clients need to know:

  • For Scorpion to be able to register our clients, they will need to provide some required information, including their legal business name, EIN, physical address, and more. That information should be submitted using this Registration Form.
  • The registration takes at least 8-10 business days, and the restrictions go live Friday, September 1, so it’s important they start the registration process now to prevent any delays for their business.

In the client email, we advise clients to reach out to their Account Manager if they have any questions. Account Managers should use this internal FAQ to answer additional questions that come through. If an Account Manager has any questions not in the FAQ, they should work with their managers to escalate the question to the Product Marketing team at productmarketing@scorpion.co.

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