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The Texas Law Hawk: The Making of a Marketing Superhero

Bryan Hawk in front of a wings statue.
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A hilariously epic kung-fu battle between a villainous virus and a heroic Texas lawyer might seem like fantasy, but for Scorpion client, attorney Bryan Wilson, it’s just another day in the office. Sort of.

Bryan is a DWI lawyer based out of Fort Worth, Texas. He calls himself The Texas Law Hawk, and as that moniker immediately conveys, he is no stranger to irreverent, in-your-face marketing. In fact, his outlandish videos have gone viral more than once. He’s been profiled by the likes of CNN and was even featured in a Taco Bell Super Bowl ad.

So when COVID-19 hit in early 2020, Bryan decided to make a video that would promote mask usage, cement his status as one of the toughest attorneys around, and provide some much-needed humor during a challenging time.

But even a viral video sensation like Bryan needed help turning his creative vision into reality. That’s why he turned to Scorpion.

Battling COVID-19 and Production Budgets

From the beginning, Scorpion loved Bryan’s idea. It contained a timely message and could also help promote his firm’s unique brand identity — entertaining and original content is a great way to stay top-of-mind when people are searching for an attorney. And a strong sense of humor is a surefire approach to building trust with prospective clients. Good thing The Texas Law Hawk has that in spades.

Scorpion Studios took a look at Bryan’s idea and quickly developed a plan for production that stayed true to Bryan’s vision without breaking the bank. Big ideas tend to come with big price tags, but the Studios team made sure everything came within budget. It was time to start filming.

Scorpion and The Law Hawk: Partners in Production

Scorpion sent a four-person crew down to Texas and got to work. It wasn’t the typical law firm’s video, but after all, that was the point. We helped design the coronavirus costume, edited the script, worked out all the stunts, and filmed the entire spot over the course of a day. It certainly helped having a client like Bryan, who’s game for anything and passionate about his ideas.

But merely filming such a high-concept piece of content is only half the battle. The rest of the magic comes together during post-production, where our Studios team utilized cutting-edge special effects to make the momentous fight scenes come to life. After three months of editing, Bryan’s vision was ready to be shared with the world.

And the final products — a full five minute video and 90 second social media version — speak for themselves. Quite hilariously, we might add.

Spreading the Word

Releasing content isn’t as simple as uploading it, sitting back, and watching what happens. Firms must be proactive in their media strategy to ensure that the maximum number of prospective clients are able to view their videos. So Scorpion helped Bryan tag the video appropriately, organize his YouTube channel, and market the piece using his other social media channels. We even contributed to Bryan’s marketing budget in order to:

  • Boost the video’s views
  • Introduce his brand to people that do not follow him
  • Increase his brand awareness
  • Spread the importance of wearing a mask during COVID

This approach is reflective of the customizable, well-rounded digital marketing strategy that Scorpion provides to all our clients.

The end result is something memorable and completely on-brand for Bryan Wilson’s firm, differentiating him from the other DWI attorneys in his area. It’s precisely the kind of personalized content that Scorpion loves making for our clients, which also serves a marketing objective. It’s safe to say that whether you’re currently in the market for a DWI attorney or not, if you’ve seen The Texas Law Hawk battle it out with the dastardly Coronavirus, you’re not likely to forget it.

And that’s the point. It’s all about helping you make impressions, and that’s what Scorpion did for Bryan Wilson.

Whether your firm wants to make off-kilter content or if you prefer more traditional legal messaging, Scorpion is able to adjust to any approach and get the maximum number of eyes on it — all in the service of generating more leads, more clients, and increased revenue.