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Legal Marketing: 5 Steps to Acquiring the Clients You Want

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What’s the best way to acquire new clients for your legal practice?

Understand your prospective clients’ “buyer’s journey” and make sure your firm is present at each step of that journey.

In the legal marketing world, the buyer’s journey is the natural path prospective clients take to retaining legal counsel.

It’s how they learn about why they need help, why they should consider your firm, and why they should hire your firm.

Your firm’s ability to meet potential clients online at the right place and time will be the difference between winning a new case and another missed opportunity.

Understanding the Marketing Funnel

Think of the client journey in terms of a marketing funnel.

At the top of the funnel, you reach a broad audience that isn’t ready to hire you. These potential clients are just doing general research into their legal matter and determining what steps to take next. They’re typically unaware of who you are and why they need your services.

But the further down the funnel you go, the greater the intent becomes to hire an attorney.

Those prospective clients at the bottom of the funnel have already researched their legal issues, done their homework on local attorneys, and are ready to make a selection on which to contact. It’s a smaller audience, but it’s an audience that needs an attorney now.

Top-of-the-funnel marketing (like blogging) is less expensive than bottom-of-the-funnel marketing, but it takes significantly more time to see return-on-investment (ROI.)

In contrast, bottom-of-the-funnel marketing has a higher up-front cost, but leads to quicker results for your firm.

But if you want to leave a lasting impression on ALL prospective clients, you need to have a presence at ALL levels of the marketing funnel. If you don’t, you risk losing great cases and great clients to your competitors.

Diversifying Your Digital Media Strategy

To have the greatest impact, your firm should have a diversified digital media strategy that reaches potential clients at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

This requires a...

  • Website
  • Digital advertising campaign
  • Digital content strategy
  • Social media presence
  • Reporting process for online review

And much, much more…

So, what are the five steps to acquiring the clients you want?

They are:

Stage 1: Planning Your Campaign

Stage 2: Awareness & Building Attraction

Stage 3: Creating Interest and Consideration

Stage 4: Overcoming Doubt and Providing Assurance

Stage 5: Sparking a Decision and Converting Prospects into Clients

Marketing Funnel Infographic

If you would like to improve your law firm’s visibility at all stages of the marketing funnel, contact our team! We’ll help you use effective legal marketing to boost your firm’s awareness and build relationships with potential clients.