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Going Up: Elevator Pitches for Law Firms and Attorneys

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The term “elevator pitch” got its name because the idea is to be able to quickly, during the time it takes to ride an elevator, tell someone what you do — and what you can do for them. There is a lot of value in having a prepared, concise, and descriptive explanation of what you do for these in-person encounters, whether they be in an elevator, at your kid’s soccer game, or at a networking event.

But there is another elevator your message will ride more often: the online scroll. Just as you have only a few seconds to give your pitch in a face-to-face situation, the same holds true for potential clients, referral sources, and others hoping to learn more about you and your services on your website, social media page, or in an email. With short attention spans and busy lives, a law firm or attorney elevator pitch in written form must also convey key information succinctly. As your audience scrolls up and down quickly, you want them to learn as much as possible about your services.

Whether you’re delivering it in person or virtually, law firms and individual attorneys should all have an elevator pitch. This way, when asked what you do, you can say more than “I’m a lawyer.”

6 Qualities of a Great Law Firm or Attorney Marketing Pitch

  1. Keep it short: This is a challenge, but this is really the point. You want to deliver your elevator pitch in 30 seconds or less or in about 60-90 words.

  2. Know your audience: This is so you can tailor your message for the person receiving it. But it is also important for the pitch itself (see No. 4). If you already have a legal marketing strategy for your law firm or practice, this step is already done!

  3. Use plain language: Realizing that your audience is likely not going to be other attorneys, be sure to omit legal jargon. State it simply. There is a difference between “I handle complex litigation focusing on mass torts” and “I handle large cases involving many people who were harmed.”

  4. Explain how you help people: Yes, this is about you and your services — but best legal marketing practices still apply. Your elevator pitch should include a description of how you help people. You can use examples. If you are a trusts and estate law attorney, you can say: “A lot of people put off writing a will, and I’m often called to help sort out the confusion this creates for their families. I prefer helping people create estate plans because I know doing so saves families from additional stress during an already difficult time.”

  5. Describe what makes you different: Maybe you have a background that relates to your practice or some additional credentials that sets you apart. Without stating your resume, these are details you can include. Try: “My parents owned a small business and I saw how hard they worked. I enjoy working with mom-and-pop shops now to help their businesses succeed” or “While I focus on helping businesses in a variety of ways, my legal tax degree allows me to assist with their tax issues – which can be really overwhelming for small businesses.”

  6. Show you’re human: Showing your passion or compassion, along with a bit about your personality or why you enjoy what you do, can make people feel connected to you.

Once you’ve got your elevator pitch or even a couple of versions for different situations or audiences, be sure to practice it. While it should be committed to memory, it should not be delivered in a stiff monotone. Don’t speak too fast, smile if it’s appropriate, and be flexible for what the moment allows.

Law Firms: Get Everyone on the Ride

If your law firm or practice team has a standard elevator pitch, everyone who is expected to use it should also memorize and practice it. Having everyone on the same page with concise and consistent messaging makes the firm and its attorneys appear professional, polished, and focused.

Need help with your elevator brand pitch?

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