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5 Tips For Attorney Marketing

Get the tips you need to stay ahead of the legal marketing game and earn more clients for your practice.
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The legal industry is highly competitive. You already know it takes more than being an expert in your niche to attract the right clients. You need a robust system in place that generates a steady flow of new clients if you want to build and sustain a thriving law practice. 

Your law firm’s attorney marketing is how you get visibility, win prospective clients’ trust, and build authority in your niche. If you're wondering how to cut through the noise and stand out, this article is for you. We've detailed five attorney marketing tips you can implement immediately to grow your law office.

Attorney Marketing Tips To Grow Your Law Firm

Here are a few things you can do to attract more clients:

1. Invest in Content Marketing

Content marketing is about releasing web content to drive traffic to your law firm's website, build brand awareness, and generate leads. The content can be in the form of blog posts, videos, articles, or social media posts. 

The right content for your law firm depends on your practice area and the types of legal advice your prospective clients need.  Your content should address people’s pain points and answer questions they have. For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer, your target audience may wonder “do I need a personal injury attorney after a car accident?”

Quality search engine optimized content will boost your website’s organic traffic and help you show up in search results. Your content can also help you get backlinks, which helps to increase your website’s authority.

Developing a law firm content marketing strategy will help you set clear goals and a road map to achieve your desired results. Content marketing ought to be strategic; every piece of content you publish should have a specific aim that adds to your overall internet marketing efforts.

Effective content marketing takes time and requires some expertise. If you don’t have the time to research and create the type of content that will help grow your online presence, you can outsource your content marketing needs to a legal content marketing team.

2. Boost Your Local SEO

Your legal marketing effort should include ensuring that your law firm shows up in local searches. As a law firm, you usually provide legal services to people in particular locations, so your SEO strategy should also reflect that. 

Putting effort into local SEO will help your law firm rank high in local search results. One of the most vital elements of local search results is the local pack. A local pack is  the top three organic results for a particular search in a given area, which includes images, customer ratings, opening hours, and the business’s address. The listings also have a map beside them showing their exact location.

When people search for terms that show local intent, for example, criminal defense attorney Lehi, Google will usually display the local pack at the top of the search engine result page (SERP). 

Optimizing your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) will help you appear higher on local packs.

It takes little effort and time to complete a Google Business Profile, but doing so often shows a significant return. If your competitors overlook this, doing it will help you stand out. The local pack will also showcase positive reviews from past clients, further setting you apart from the competition.

Another way to optimize for local search results is by creating location-based website pages targeting specific location-based keywords. For example, if you are a family law attorney and you practice in three locales, you can create three different pages — one for each location. Of course, don’t just overstuff the pages with keywords. Creating quality localized content is an excellent way to include local places names on your website naturally, and will always outperform a high-ranking page with no meaningful content.

3. Optimize Your Website for Conversion

Your website is your 24/7 online marketing channel and is often a potential client's first contact with your firm. A well-designed website will help you draw visitors in, establish credibility, and increase your conversion rate.

Unfortunately, it's common to see law firm websites that appear clunky, outdated, and sluggish If your webpage fits this description, you need to redesign your website as soon as possible.

However, designing a website that is optimized for conversion is more than just making it look fancy. The main issue is whether your website gives a great user experience and does a great job converting website visitors into leads. 

When your ideal clients land on your homepage, they should feel that they can trust you to provide the solutions they are looking for. Using professional yet welcoming pictures and videos, captivating content, and testimonials are some key ways you may turn your website into an effective lead generation tool.

Think about your users every step of the way. Make it easy for them to find the information they need on your website and guide them toward taking specific actions. 

It's also important to build your website with SEO in mind. Your website should load fast, include the right keywords, display well on various devices, and link to other website pages strategically. A website design digital marketing agency can help you design a professional law firm website.

4. Use Videos

Video content has blown up in recent years. If you're not using videos in your legal marketing, you’re neglecting a vital and efficient attorney marketing tactic. Many law firms that rank well on search engines have one thing in common: their website has one or more videos. 

Creating videos can help you generate more organic traffic. They’re great for social media marketing and content, and consumers and search engines love video content. Optimizing metadata also gives you greater chances of profiting from your SEO efforts.

Although creating quality videos that showcase your law firm's professionalism, humanity, and empathy may take some work, they’re worth the effort. Videos help to foster a deeper connection with your target audience. You should, at least, have a video on your homepage. Also, you can transcribe your video content into text to both to help your law firm SEO and to better serve clients that prefer text.

5. Create Targeted Landing Pages

A landing page is a specific website page built to direct clients to take a certain action. Landing pages are used a lot in marketing campaigns that have a definite, measurable goal. For instance, if you’re a bankruptcy attorney and you run Facebook ads or Google ads (formerly called Google Adwords) to generate leads, you may have certain metrics you'd like to hit. When potential clients click on your ad on how to file for bankruptcy, it takes them to your landing page describing what they should know before filing for bankruptcy and how a bankruptcy attorney can help.

One mistake many small law firms make when they run ads, especially Google ad campaigns, is directing clients to their homepage instead of a landing page. Clients who land on your homepage will be confused about what to do and will likely leave your website. A landing page will further the message you’ve initiated with your ad and provide a more cohesive and directed user experience.

You can create different landing pages for the different services you offer. For example, if you’re a family law attorney, you may consult on issues such as divorce, custody, child support, etc. You'll see better results with different landing pages dedicated to helping clients understand how you can help them with each of those specific services, rather than a single, universal landing page.

Get Effective Attorney Marketing With Scorpion

Law firm marketing strategy that works takes time and skill to plan and execute. Working with a legal marketing company like Scorpion is often the best way for you to see quick results from your digital marketing campaigns.

Scorpion provides custom legal marketing services to solo practitioners and small law firms in different practice areas. We’ll work with you to set goals and get measurable results in your attorney marketing. 

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