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How Your Criminal Defense Firm Can See More Green This St. Patrick’s Day

Broken glass, handcuffs, glass shaker, and tall mug of beer.
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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and that means plenty of partygoers will be getting behind the wheel after a few too many green beers. Holiday weekends historically see a spike in DUI arrests, which means an increase in case opportunities for criminal defense attorneys who play their digital marketing cards right.

Can one weekend really make a significant impact on a firm’s finances? Keep reading to learn how you can get more potential clients contacting you when they need legal advice.

Rethink the Client Acquisition Process

So, now that you’ve seen just how much DUI arrests shoot up around St. Patrick’s Day, how can you use what you know to bring in more cases for your criminal defense firm?

To succeed in attracting modern consumers, you must start with a major shift in your marketing mindset. In the past, it might have been enough to rely on word of mouth from satisfied clients to keep new ones coming through the door. Nowadays, managing your reputation is still important, but is only a small piece of the marketing plan you must assemble in order to get ahead of your competitors.

Today, the client acquisition process largely takes place online. In an age when 96% of people begin looking for legal advice on a search engine and over 50% of people give their business to the firm that answers their questions first, an omnichannel digital marketing strategy is a must.

Essentially, an “omnichannel strategy” is one that focuses on keeping your firm at the top of potential clients’ minds no matter where they go online by using multiple “channels” (email, social media, content marketing, pay-per-click ads, etc.). Instead of putting all your marketing eggs in a single basket, omnichannel marketing gives you an opportunity to connect with your target audience in a variety of ways. From search engines to social media and everything in between, a well-developed omnichannel strategy increases the chances that potential clients will see your name first and most often.

To understand how effective an omnichannel marketing strategy can be, take a look at what this looks like from the consumer’s perspective...

Imagine a woman who receives a phone call from the police late on the night of St. Patrick’s Day. Her husband was out celebrating with friends, was pulled over on his way home, and has been arrested for drunk driving.

Concerned, she opens her laptop and searches on Google: “What to do after getting a DUI”

The first result brings her to a local criminal defense firm’s blog, where she reads a post that walks her through the steps she needs to take in order to get her husband home and begin the process of looking for legal representation.

The next day, while weighing her and her husband’s options, the woman comes across a promoted social media post for the firm whose blog post she read the previous night. It prompts her to watch a video of the firm’s founding attorney, detailing her defense record and expertise with DUI cases.

The woman likes what she sees from the video, so she clicks on the firm’s page to read a few of their posts and reviews. She then searches for the attorney on Yelp, reads testimonials from some of her past DUI clients, and decides to call the attorney’s firm to set up an appointment to discuss her husband’s arrest.

A Digital Marketing Partner Makes All the Difference

As you can see, devoting all your time, money, and attention to a single marketing channel is no longer an effective strategy — content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), retargeting, social media ads, and online reviews all played a part in the customer journey in the example above.

Implementing a strategy this comprehensive might seem overwhelming, but with the right marketing partner, the perfect promotional mix can be put into place while you focus on your most important responsibility: your clients’ cases.

Scorpion has been helping criminal defense firms increase their revenue and reach their goals for nearly 20 years. By creating marketing solutions that are tailored to solving your specific challenges, we break down the communication barriers between you and your ideal customers and set you up for success like never before.

Whether you’re looking for a way to attract more business during St. Patrick’s Day or any other time of the year, get in touch with us and we’ll help you craft a marketing plan that turns potential clients into pots of gold.