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8 Ways Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Boost Their Reputation With Branding and Marketing

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Many criminal defense attorneys are quick to overlook the value of branding and marketing.

Why?—because many don’t think of their practice as a business or their legal expertise as a product.

Yet, that’s exactly what they are.

And that’s exactly why criminal defense attorneys need to invest in branding and marketing to boost their reputation and highlight their successful case results.

Here are 8 Ways Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Boost Their Reputation With Branding and Marketing...

1. Build a Welcoming Website

Any time you step in front of a jury, you know how important it is to deliver the right image and the right message.

The same is true for your website—every time your website steps in front of a potential client it needs to deliver the right image and the right message.

By taking the time to create an aesthetically pleasing website that delivers messaging that will resonate with potential clients, you can elevate your reputation (and the reputation of your practice) in the community.

Remember—the better your website, the better your first impression with potential clients.

2. Display Authority Through Content

Boost your reputation as an attorney by consistently publishing quality content that conveys your expertise and authority.

Don’t settle for a few cookie-cutter “About Us” and “Our Services” pages on your website—invest the time (or the money) to create value-laden blogs, articles, and videos on a range of topics that will appeal to potential clients. For example, if you frequently handle cases involving DUI’s, write a series of helpful articles that cover some of the most frequently asked questions new clients have.

When you’re creating your content, remember that your readers aren’t legal professionals so keep the industry jargon to a minimum, and structure your articles so Google can more easily crawl them.

3. Make Sure You Show up on Google Maps

It’s going to be hard for potential clients to take your firm very seriously if your firm doesn’t readily show up on Google Maps.

Make sure your business is verified and, if it’s not, follow Google’s step-by-step instructions to improve your digital visibility.

4. Garner Online Reviews

There’s nothing wrong with asking clients—even previous clients—to leave a review of you or your practice on popular, consumer-friendly sites like Yelp! and Google Business.

5. Get Some Professional Help

If you don’t have the time to do what it takes to boost your reputation, hire someone who does.

Between freelancers and professional agencies, there are hundreds of options for you to choose from—options designed to fit every need and budget.

6. Generate Buzz the Old Fashioned Way

When people get in trouble with the law, they either turn to the Internet for guidance, or they turn to friends and family.

For that reason, word-of-mouth marketing is still an important utility for attorneys looking to boost their reputation.

Take time to attend networking events, or create your own event by offering a free educational lecture or series on criminal defense strategies. If you have time to take on some volunteer or pro bono work, get out there and remember to bring the business cards.

7. Become a Social Media Maven

Facebook remains one of the most, if not the most, powerful reputation-building tool on the market for a criminal defense attorney.

Build a stellar Facebook page for your law firm, post your content to it, and invite people to follow you.

8. Send Email, Not Spam

A well-developed email marketing plan, combined with a strong content marketing strategy can help your firm build a sterling reputation in the community, and bringing even more clients to your firm.

Ready to learn more?

If you’re interested in improving your legal marketing and attracting more clients to your criminal defense practice, call (866) 344-8852 or message us directly here.

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