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You Need Social Media AND You Can Do It!

15 to 20 years ago, having a social media presence wasn’t a necessity. Today it is.

But what does that look like exactly and how strong of a personality does one need to have in order to pull it off effectively? Listen as Holly Hoenshell-Nelson, Lead Content & Social Manager at Scorpion, Content Marketing Expert & Strategist, discusses her own experience about how to build the best social media presence you can.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why social media is so important to your brand

  • Where to focus your social media content strategy

  • How to switch into social media marathon thinking

Why social media is so important to your brand

Becoming a familiar face in your market areas can increase business opportunities and build trust with potential customers. And one of the easiest ways to gain that notoriety is through social media presence — Something Holly helps companies build:

“We help increase the traffic that comes to their websites, improve their Google rankings, and establish them as trusted subject matter experts by creating valuable content for people who would potentially do business for them.” — Holly Hoenshell-Nelson

Think about the last time you needed to fix your toilet. You go onto YouTube or Facebook and look up toilet fix tutorials. When you successfully make the fix, whoever made the video you watched now stands out as a brand that can help you if you ever need a bigger issue solved.

Where to focus your social media content strategy

You understand the need for social media presence and content creation; so, you’re ready to start, right?

Not quite yet. Without a firm understanding of the right and wrong ways to build your presence, your effort will be for nothing. Holly walks us through some of the biggest areas of focus for your social media content strategy:

Picking the right social site for your potential customers

A big mistake a lot of companies make is focusing on the wrong social site compared to where their customers spend their time. For Holly’s home services clients, putting a lot of effort into content on TikTok instead of Facebook wouldn’t make sense for the age range of homebuyers right now.

“Hootsuite data, 49% of Americans say they visit Facebook several times a day. So that gives you several opportunities as a marketer to get in front of potential clients.” — Holly Hoenshell-Nelson

This doesn’t mean giving up on TikTok all together. Considering it’s received more downloads than Facebook in recent years, there’s potential for your brand if it has a big, quirky personality. Do your research and figure out what’s best for your brand.

Looking at social media with your audience’s perspective

For any social media content strategy, asking yourself what your audience is thinking should be at the heart of it — What do they need right now or soon? One of the best ways — Teasers.

Creating social posts that tease valuable information make people more likely to engage, increasing client engagement rates and website traffic.

Choosing the right kind of content

In a sea of competition, it can be difficult to choose what content to create. The good news — You’re a human selling to other humans. Think about why you would be interested in a video of home improvement and make that video. Really put yourself in the shoes of your audience:

“When you write your article, what is really going to be something that they can use? Are they actually going to be able to go through some basic troubleshooting steps that help them out before they pick up the phone to call a professional?” Holly explains.

Don’t be someone you’re not

If you feel yourself putting on an act when you post because you don’t think you have a strong personality for content, you might be taking away your greatest opportunity to stand out as a content creator. Remember how important authenticity is and it will shine through your posts.

How to switch into social media marathon thinking

You’re producing great content but your follower count isn’t exactly where you want it to be yet. While it might be tempting to start offering opportunities like a sweepstakes to get your follower count higher, have patience.

Social media is a marathon; not a sprint.

“Your solid, long term strategy is to keep producing content that is helpful and relevant.” — Holly Hoenshell-Nelson

People are more likely to share, interact, and follow content that is helpful. If you want to maintain valuable people, you have to offer them valuable content upfront and over time.

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