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Part 2 | Predictive Analytics Should Be Driving Your Marketing

Rustin Kretz, CEO of Scorpion, and Daylen Farkas, Vice President of Advertising Research, continue their conversation about how artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping home services business owners win customers and discover a return on their marketing. Successful home services businesses are spending their money wisely by relying on machine learning. However, it takes going above and beyond the numbers to have a healthy company in the long-term. While machine learning and SAM are part of that, it's the intangibles like answering the phone and going above and beyond for customers that sets companies apart. For example, Rustin and Daylen share how at the end of the day, your customers don't know that your home services company is analyzing data about them in order to make decisions. They just know they're receiving a great customer experience from you.

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