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Get Real With Your Content

Connecting with your ideal audience can be as simple as creating engaging content for them.

That’s exactly what Susan Kadilak and Paul Kadilak, Owners of Kadilak Homes and Hosts of Renovation Rekindle are doing.

The wife and husband duo have grown a dedicated pool of engaged customers and clients by simply making content their audience wants to see.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Creating content that entertains and educates your audience
  • Making real content by being real
  • Why consistency is key w/ content

Creating content that entertains and educates your audience

The impact of social media on a business cannot be overstated — With potential audience reach, it makes sense why so many businesses are pouring money into online content.

But not all content is created the same…

Anyone on Facebook or Instagram has seen content that feels generic or forced — Just something about it that falls flat and forgetful. If you’re going to put time, attention, and money into a piece of content, make sure it’s on the right platform and gaining traction.

A different approach

Recognizing this need for content, Susan and Paul began creating videos on Facebook — A platform they considered a top priority considering their customers. Their approach to their videos, however, was different than most.

“We didn't put out videos that said: Hey, these are projects; call us. It was quite the opposite, because we wanted it to feel like native Facebook content.” — Susan Kadilak

Instead of wasting a lot of time trying to create the perfect videos, the two decided it was better to have more videos out sooner — Figuring out the exact process along the way.

From goofing around on the job site to funny product testing, Susan and Paul were able to create an authentic presence on Facebook that eventually transitioned to platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Making real content by being real

Yes, goofing around and product testing is a fun way to catch someone’s attention, but it goes much deeper than that when it comes to the reason for their success. People don’t just want to be entertained; they want to learn. And if the barrier to learn is too high, you’ll lose your audience halfway through the video — Something Susan and Paul recognized:

“Nobody wants to go to a video and feel unintelligent watching it. So if you can put it in layman's terms, it helps people stay in tune and watch them.” — Paul Kadilak

In the videos, Paul would ask questions that the average viewer might ask themselves, making the information more digestible and helping the audience feel more comfortable asking no-judgment questions to Susan and Paul.

You can reach a much larger audience if you can take complex ideas and break them down into a simple story.

Playing to their strengths & weaknesses

In another show of authenticity, the pair explain how difficult it can be to get in front of the camera, let alone publish the content. Knowing that they’d waste time, they decided to outsource their video shooting and editing.

Without the internal struggle, they were able to post much more frequently by trusting the process to the professionals they hired.

Why consistency is key w/ content

Once they figured out their angle to content, the question became: How often should they post? Once they decided to post at least a weekly 60-second video, they went to work with this reminder — It’s more important to post than make it perfect.

“Even if we have something terrible, whatever it is, consistency is always the key in marketing or anything that you're putting out.” — Susan Kadilak

As they developed their system, they paid closer attention to social media platform algorithms, opting for longer videos when needed.

Gaining a following

With all of the consistency, larger networks began to notice Susan and Paul’s videos; and while they ultimately decided against those offers considering the amount of control they’d have to give up, they did create an app to house their content.

Starting with 10 episodes involving the client before and after the completion of the project, the two are starting work on Season 2 for the app — An avenue that they feel is more in-line with what their audience is asking for.

In the end, they’re responsible for the people that follow their content. Making sure that they deliver videos consistently and with the same authenticity that they’ve delivered from the beginning remains a top priority for the duo.

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