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What Does Content Marketing Look Like For Home Services? [Templates + Examples]

content marketing for home services business
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To stand out from other home services businesses within your industry and service area, create unique content that can’t be found elsewhere. With a winning content marketing strategy, you will establish your brand as a thought leader within your respective industry, engage and educate members of your target audience, increase brand awareness, and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

Content Marketing

Whether you’re looking to learn about how to use HVAC content, roofing content, plumbing content, pest control content, or electrician content to effectively market your business, this blog has the information you need. Let’s dive in.

What is content marketing?

Good content will help your home services business attract, engage, and retain your potential customers and target audience, and even convert more potential customers and leads into paying clients. Some forms of content marketing are digital (e.g. social media and video) where as others may also be considered traditional marketing (e.g., mail advertisements).

What is a content marketing strategy?

A content strategy is a type of marketing plan for your home services business to grow, retain, and engage your audience through valuable content including web pages, blog articles, videos, social media posts, and more. It involves the creation of numerous content types and content assets, and is carried out by marketers (more specifically, by content marketers).

Why is content marketing important?

Engaging and high-quality content:

  • Builds a sense of trust between your business and target audience.

  • Establishes a professional and emorable brand presence.

  • Uses SEO best practices to provide your potential customer with the answers that they need when they’re searching for them. This is because Google understands a lot about what makes for quality content and is more likely to surface relevant and content to users based on what they’re searching for.

What is a content marketing platform?

A content marketing platform, or a content marketing service, can help your home services business more easily plan, produce, publish, and track the success of HVAC content, roofing content, plumbing content, pest control content, or electrician content.


For example, rather than turning to a pricey content marketing agency for the guidance that you think your business needs, leverage the Content Marketing Institute. CMI supports the process of quality content creation by offering online education as well as events.


You may also use Scorpion, a home services marketing tool, which has content marketing capabilities that help you build branded content for your geographic service area, search engine optimize your content, and more.

Additional content marketing tips:

4 Types of Content Marketing

There are several types of content marketing. Here are a handful of the most commonly used types for home services businesses.

1. Social Media

Social media marketing can be used to share organic posts and paid ads (e.g. Facebook Ads) among your target audience across various social media platforms (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn). It’s a great way to improve brand awareness, engage your audience, and even interact with them based on their questions and comments on your social posts and in your direct messages.


Pro tip: Use a social media marketing tool like Sprout Social to make social content production easy and automate the publication and tracking of your social media posts.

2. Video

Video marketing is how home services businesses can engage target audience members and connect with them to improve brand awareness and credibility. It also is a great way to show the end result of one of your services. For example, if you’re a roofer, share a video of a completed service on your website and social media profiles as social proof.

3. Email

Email marketing can be used to nurture qualified leads. Your home services business can share information and relevant content with current and past customers to push them through the buyer’s journey and reengage them. In addition to content marketing materials, email can be a way to share promotions, business information, and discounts.

4. Blog

Write a blog so your home services business can create HVAC content, roofing content, plumbing content, pest control content, or electrician content that resonates with target audience members as well as current and past customers.


Pro tip: By creating an inbound marketing strategy for your blog, as well as performing keyword research to search engine optimize your content, you’ll increase it’s likelihood of being found organically on the search engine results page (SERP) by users who are searching for information about a topic you have written a blog on.

Home Services Content Marketing Examples

Ready to review some content marketing examples? Below are content ideas for your home services business as well as templates — and places to access those templates — to help you create each content type for your home services business.

1. Electrician Content Marketing: Blog Example and Template

Blog Example



What makes this a good electrician content marketing example?

  • Seasonal and relevant topic for all readers, whether or not they’re local

  • Keywords to help with SEO (e.g. Christmas lights, holiday lights)

  • Helpful and educational information to establish the brand as a thought leader

Wix Blog Template



2. HVAC Content Marketing: E-book Example and Template

E-book Example



What makes this a good HVAC content marketing example?

  • Educational and relevant information for readers whether or not they’re local

  • Acts as a lead generating tool because it requires readers to submit contact information

  • Provides free access to the helpful tips to increase likelihood of a download

HubSpot E-book Template


3. Plumbing Content Marketing: Email Marketing Example and Template

Email Marketing Example



What makes this a good plumbing content marketing example?

  • Emaily copy that feels personal and as though the company wants to proactively support customers

  • Reegages past customers for additional service

  • Allows readers to click to schedule their service immediately

Mailchimp Email Marketing Template


4. Roofing Content Marketing: Display Ad Example and Template



What makes this a good roofing content marketing example?

  • Can be used in several locations including on the company website, on another website, on social media, and more

  • Branded image with clear value propositions stated on it

  • Allows readers to click to immediately start geting an estimate for their service

Adobe Display Ad Template


5. Pest Control: Social Media Post



What makes this a good pest control content marketing example?

  • Attention-grabbing and relatable image for all viewers whether or not they’re local

  • Lists contact information so prospects can get in touch easily without leaving the feed

  • Includes a relevant caption with strategic hashtags to increase chances of viewership


Social Media Ad Template



Start Using Content Marketing for Your Home Services Business

A strong content marketing strategy can help your home services business engage more members of your target audience, improve brand awareness, and even convert more viewers and readers into paying customers.


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