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Scorpion’s content marketing will help you build your brand and make your business known in your service area.

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Scorpion’s content marketing will help you build your brand and make your business known in your service area.

Exceptional content marketing not only helps you create a stronger brand, but it also brings lots of attention to your business.

Content marketing with Scorpion is a surefire way to take attention from your competitors and increase interest in your home services business.

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Increase Website Traffic

One of the many advantages of content marketing is that it improves your website’s visibility in search engines, which means more people can find your business online.

Scorpion’s combined search engine and content marketing expertise means your website will rank higher in Google searches and attract more visitors than ever before.

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Win More Jobs

In addition to building trust in the community and bringing more visitors to your website, high-quality content marketing can help you win more jobs.

Scorpion will ensure all your home services content marketing includes action-oriented instructions that encourage prospects to contact your company.

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Top Content Marketing Strategies for Home Services Businesses

1. Optimize Your Content (SEO, page speed, visual aesthetic)

A healthy website has optimized content; this means the content is written in a way that it can reach the largest possible target audience and increase visibility when someone searches on Google for topics that you’re an expert in. The process of optimizing content should include adding associated keywords to your copy, adding meta and title tags, including relevant links, and having a smoothly running web page with good page speed and website authority. Websites should be mobile- and desktop-friendly. Things like page load time/website speed need to be carefully considered as well as overall aesthetic. Developing and building out a strong website backlinked to other places takes time. However, with careful attention and diligence in SEO, your content marketing will help your website get found.

2. Promote Your Content

The internet is a busy place and it's important to be doing what you can to stand out. Enter a few important SEO strategies that will help increase visibility to your content - backlinks, guest blogging, and social media promotion. Backlinks, i.e. when other sites link to your content, will help bring traffic to your site and also give your site “link juice” to gain credibility. Additionally, you can guest blog on other sites and include links to your own blog to increase backlinks and traffic. Besides using relationships with other sites to promote your content, your blogging strategy should also include promoting your content on social media.

3. Define Your Customer Persona

Whether it’s middle class, affluent, 20 to 30-year-olds, or 50 to 60-year-olds, understanding who your target customer is matters. Take time to carefully craft your customer persona. Who are they? What are their interests? How do they spend their money? What are their demographics? Then you can gear your content marketing strategy around their profile in mind.

4. Identify Your Brand Voice

Take time to hone in on what makes your unique home service brand you. Do you have a witty sense of humor? Playful presence? Tell jokes? If you aren’t sure, ask your top 3-5 customers what words come to mind when they think of your brand. See if those words resonate with what you want for your brand. If they do, reinforce them through your content. If not, adjust your marketing language across social, flyers, website copy, and more.

5. Use Multi-Channel Content Strategies

Content strategy is best done in varied formats. Short-form content includes all things social - like your “We’re here to help” Tweet after a flood or your “Our plumbers weigh in on their 5 best sink maintenance tips” blog post. Content should be a healthy combination of short and long-form marketing in order to successfully showcase your brand. Make use of varied strategies and you will not disappoint!

6. Blog About What You Know

Plumbers, electricians, painters, and more - the world needs you! We know you have lots of unique talents and know-how that many people are curious about. Your blogging strategy should include a variety of posts that showcase not only who your top talent is but tips and tricks, how-to-hacks, and more. In short, let your expertise shine through your content!

7. Show Us Your Company Culture

Your home service business deserves to be more seen and heard from the inside out. Got any employees with unique talents? Unique perks you provide to your staff? Show us the inside look on your company culture with an Instagram takeover or employee video. All the better if you can make it a montage to upload to your YouTube channel / website! This type of content shows off your business’s personality, making it easier for potential customers to trust and relate to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Content Marketing?

    Content marketing is a passive approach to business growth. Unlike traditional advertising, content marketing tries to facilitate positive business outcomes (more website traffic, leads, sales, etc.) through the creation of valuable, information-rich content (blogs, videos, eBooks, etc.). Content marketing can be focused on appealing to a very specific audience (e.g., homeowners with at least three bathrooms) or it can be created to appeal to a more general audience.

  • Why Do I Need Content Marketing?

    Consumers don’t jump at traditional advertising like they used to—they’re more cautious and thoughtful when evaluating home services businesses. Content marketing makes it easier for your company to earn the trust of people in your community. As their trust increases, people become more comfortable reaching out to your company when they have a job that fits the home services you provide.

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