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LSA Bidding: Increasing the Reach of Your Local Services Ads

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Caitlin deBoer

LSAs: Staying at the Top of Search Results

When Google debuted Local Services Ads (LSAs), it was a game changer for the home services industry. By taking advantage of LSAs, business owners were able to maximize their exposure to potential clients online in an exceedingly cost efficient manner.

In the online age, simply appearing at the top of the search results page can make or break a business. That’s why LSAs are so important.

When a potential customer is doing a search, LSAs appear at the top of Google’s search results page. They are the first thing prospective clients see when searching for home services providers in the area. They come before pay-per-click ads, map results, organic search results — everything. They also include key bits of information: your company’s name, average rating, and overall number of reviews.

Now, Google is introducing a bidding feature which promises to further enhance the potential of LSAs for home services professionals. While this update is currently being tested in select markets, it’s expected to become widely available during the course of the year.

All About Bidding

So, what does the new bidding feature change about LSAs that can impact your business?

In short: Google will allow home services business owners to place bids on the chance for their LSA to appear at the top of local searches. The higher the amount you bid, the greater the likelihood that your ad will be seen by the maximum number of potential clients.

Imagine the effectiveness of LSAs, but with an even broader, yet still specifically targeted reach. That’s what makes LSA bidding so exciting. And while your bid amount won’t be the only factor that determines your ad placement, it gives you the opportunity to heighten your company’s profile in a busy marketplace.

Bidding Options for Any Budget

Marketing is not an exact science. With so many variables at play, there should always be room for adjustment in any digital strategy. Bidding on LSAs is a great example of this — it will allow your practice to step up or scale back your advertising efforts depending on the circumstances or your budget.

Google will feature two types of bidding:

Maximize Your Leads

With this option, Google will set a bid for you. It gives them the authority to raise your bid in response to other bids coming in from your competitors. Scorpion will recommend starting with this approach, since it allows you to review the cost per lead. If it’s too high, then you can adjust manually using the second bidding option.

Set Max Per Lead

This manual bidding option is going to be best utilized when you’re looking to keep a limit on advertising spending for the week. It will allow you to set the amount of money you want to spend per lead. It’s a customized approach that you will fully control and calibrate as needed.

More Potential, More Leads

It can get a little technical, but once it becomes available in every market, auction-based LSAs will be an extremely effective component of your digital marketing efforts. When used effectively, these well-placed LSAs will lead to more eyes on your website, more calls from potential clients, and, of course, more revenue.

Reach out to Scorpion’s team of digital marketing experts if you want to learn more about LSA bidding and how it can help your company.

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