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Want loyal customers and a schedule filled with the right jobs? Discover how our tailored marketing and technology solutions can help you build a loyal customer base and secure a schedule filled with the right jobs, whether it's in HVAC, plumbing, pest control, lawn care, or other services.

“When we saw what Scorpion could bring to the table, the measurable metrics, the dashboard, and their willingness to meet with us as often as we needed to meet, we were in sync.”
Billy Gouty Owner, ServiceOne Air Conditioning & Plumbing

We’re ready. You’re set. Let’s grow.

Unlock the power of our trusted partnerships. We team up with top technology platforms and reputable associations to offer marketing solutions that truly make an impact on your home services company. 

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Increase traffic. Generate more leads. Book more jobs.

Scorpion has been the go-to marketing partner for home services businesses for over 20 years. We are well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities that come with marketing in your industry, crafting strategies to fuel your success. Our multifaceted approach is uniquely designed for businesses like yours.

Whether you're looking to add new techs to your team, expand your service area, increase monthly leads, or just spread the word about your brand, Scorpion gives you the right tools for the job. Our cutting-edge technology makes marketing a breeze, and our dedicated team is by your side at every turn. 

First, our team of experts will build you a great website that is optimized to convert visitors into customers. We’ll then help you get more customers through various channels such as paid advertising, search engine optimization, and content marketing. We drive more high-quality leads to keep your schedule booked solid. 

We help hundreds of home services businesses by: 

  • Increasing lead volume 
  • Improving web traffic and search rankings 
  • Keeping schedules full 

We craft unique marketing strategies designed for home services companies like yours, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your success. From website development and content creation to paid advertising tactics, we’ll help you navigate the complex world of online marketing and come out on top.

Don’t let your competitors take the lead. Get started with Scorpion today and watch your home services business soar.

"All the support we have gotten from everyone has been a blessing. We truly feel loved and know that the team cares about our business and success. Any questions or concerns we’ve had have been answered and resolved."

Julie Herrera

The Faith Electric Group, Inc.
Product Solutions

What’s in our toolbox of marketing strategies?

  • Full suite of customizable marketing services

    Transform your home services business with Scorpion. Our digital marketing experts actively leverage AI to enhance your SEO, online advertising, and content marketing strategies. Plus, we'll provide you with a new website that communicates your brand's story, enticing prospects and customers to choose your business.

  • Communication. Simplified.

    With Scorpion, you can get access to all of your client communications in one easy place. Your texts, emails, call requests, and appointment requests will all be in one inbox so you never miss a client interaction. This takes the weight off your shoulders, speeds up your response time, and makes it easier than ever to turn interested visitors into satisfied leads.

Time-tested excellence in the home service industry

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Years Helping Businesses Grow
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People 900+

Results that speak for themselves

Sage Pest Control

Sage Pest Control

When Sage Pest Control expanded into a new market, Scorpion delivered. With an enhanced web experience and outstanding results, Sage is poised for further expansion.

368% Increase in organic web traffic
93% Increase new customer leads
74% Increase advertising leads
Evergreen Plumbing

Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical LLC

After partnering with Scorpion, Evergreen Plumbing’s owner took his small business to the next level with increased growth year over year and consistent leads. Evergreen relies on Scorpion to pull all the right levers to hit their marketing goals.

20% Growth year over year
100% Organic traffic
10% Organic lead growth
Five Star Painting

Five Star Painting

With Scorpion by their side, Five Star Painting franchise owners Pedro and Jorge saw impressive marketing results. Results they can easily view in Scorpion’s intuitive marketing performance dashboard.

1400% ROI
730% Yearly lead volume
4.3k Organic visits
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How to get started with home services marketing

Whether you’re an electrician, roofer, or plumber, jumpstarting your marketing efforts to get your phone ringing is a wise move. While digital marketing might initially seem like a whole new ball game, it's simpler than you think. Here are some ways to get started.

Is home services website development important?

When someone looks to hire a home services contractor, their first step is often checking out a contractor's website. Why? Because it provides the customer immediate access to information. Customers want to understand your service area, offered services, pricing details, and your location. 

These critical details should all be available on a well-developed site. But it's not enough to make one and let it be. It's essential to continuously maintain your website with customer reviews, testimonials service updates, and any ongoing promotions or advertisement you may run. Think  of your website as the nervous system for your marketing strategies. Ensuring it's updated and refined is key before diving into anything else. Once you update your website, you'll want to make it a great user experience with mobile responsiveness and clear calls to action.  

What is home services SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique that propels your home services business to the top of search engine results when local customers search for the service you offer. Essentially, SEO involves optimizing your website to increase visibility by incorporating targeted keywords that search engine algorithms prioritize when processing user queries.  

The best way to take advantage of SEO opportunities without taking a deep dive into the logistical side of things is to make sure your home services business is registered under Google My Business, and maintain up-to-date business location information. Additionally, integrate content marketing into your initial strategy. This combination will pave the way for improved visibility and prominence in local search results, helping you better connect with your target audience. 

What is digital advertising for home services?

Unlike traditional physical advertising, digital advertising presents an opportunity to build brand awareness online with greater reach and at a reduced cost. While digital advertising is an invaluable asset for home services businesses aiming to boost their online presence and reach local customers. Contrary to past perceptions, it's not limited to specific industries or global brands. Instead, it's a highly effective strategy that allows home services companies to target their local audience efficiently. 

Digital advertising allows for both global and local targeting, enabling direct access to potential customers in your vicinity. Whether it's plumbing or roofing, your ads can get in front of ideal clients through multiple platforms such as search engines, social media platforms, and websites. Consider these ads as mobile billboards, delivering your message directly to your local audience but at a fraction of the cost. 

Digital ads come in all shapes and sizes including banners, landing pages, popups, native ads, video ads, and social media story ads. Google's Local Services ads are a good place to get started. Additionally, exploring specific digital advertising platforms and techniques proven within the home services industry could significantly enhance your marketing strategies. 

Is social media marketing essential for home services businesses?

In today's digital landscape, social media has become a cornerstone of brand presence and customer engagement. Home services businesses must actively use social media platforms to engage with potential customers foster an online presence. 

Your social media content should focus on showcasing your services sharing promotions, and providing valuable educational content. Whether you're in roofing, electrical services, or HVAC, social media is integral to your marketing strategy.

What does with content marketing include?

Content marketing encompasses a wide range of online material that your company puts out. This includes various forms, such as blog posts, videos, eBooks, podcast posts, and newsletters, among others. Content marketing serves as a strategic tool to utilize industry-specific keywords improving SEO efforts while establishing credibility and expertise in your field. 

If your website hosts valuable content, search engine bots acknowledge this, positioning your page for greater visibility among local customers. Establishing a content calendar is an essential first step, guiding your content creation strategy and scheduling. Home services businesses have distinctive advantage in sharing educational content that reinforces trust in their ability to resolve concerns. 

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