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Here’s Why the Best Healthcare Marketers Use Content to Attract More Patients

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Think about your content marketing strategy, then select one of the answers below:

I am...

A. Delivering consistent and measurable value to my prospects

B. Cranking out content to see what sticks

C. None of the above

Did you end up picking “C”? If you did, that’s a problem because content marketing generates more patients than outbound marketing.

Eighty percent of your healthcare patients use the Internet to find answers to their medical questions. If you can give them the answers they need via high-quality content, you won’t just capture their attention and trust; you’ll win their business and loyalty.

Here’s Why All the Best Healthcare Marketers Use Content to Attract More Patients...

It brings in more traffic

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The most effective strategy for ranking higher in organic search is content creation. Businesses and healthcare providers who publish high-quality content 16 or more times a month have 434% more search-indexed pages than those who don’t.

Long before they become your patients, people turn to the Internet to figure out why that cough won’t go away, or why their lower back hurts every time they get out of the car. By creating content that directly addresses concerns like these, you can help your website’s organic traffic jump through the roof.

It gains more authority and trust from patients and prospects

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So, why is content marketing so effective?

Because the barrier of entry between your prospect and your hospital is extremely low.

The prospective patient receives helpful information about their healthcare at no cost. This brings down their defenses and helps them view your healthcare organization as a resource and authority they can turn to in the future. It also helps you get the attention of potential patients who weren’t already aware of your brand.

Think about it this way...

Imagine yourself fishing at the pier. You tie a hook on the line and cast it out. Then you wait.


The hook dangles there and no fish bite.


Because you never attached the bait.

And nobody goes after an empty hook.

Now picture another day at the pier. But this time, you’ve come prepared, and you cast a line baited with worms, crickets, minnows—anything and everything a fish could want.

You’ve added appeal to your hook and, as a result, the fish are WAY more likely to bite.

You need to do the same thing with your content marketing.

  • Define your patient audience

  • Identify what the patient audience cares about

  • Create a content plan that will speak directly to those concerns

  • Start building content pieces that address individual cares in specific terms

  • Sit back and watch as the inbound traffic to your healthcare organization’s website starts going up

Provide VALUE (bait) in the content you create is the key—make your content useful and informative.

So, Is Your Hospital Taking Full Advantage of Content Marketing?

A solid content marketing strategy takes time to build. If you don’t have the bandwidth to create high-quality content on an ongoing basis—content that appeals to you most ideal prospective patients—it may be time to hire a team externally.

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