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May Medical Advertising Performance: What Kind of Results Should You Expect During the Post-Crisis Transition?

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As states continue to “reopen,” taking care of medical needs is at the top of many consumers’ to-do lists. However, due to varying levels of urgency, lingering safety concerns, and inconsistent regulations, Americans are booking appointments at some types of offices more quickly than others. It’s important to know what your target patients are doing right now if you want to maximize your marketing budget.

As a whole, our medical clients’ campaigns have been rebounding quickly:

  • 10.52% increase in leads over the past week
  • 41.29% increase in leads over the past 28 days
  • 21.1% increase in nationwide website traffic over the last 28 days

To break it down further, take a look at the results these specialty areas saw with their May campaigns, compared to those from April:


  • 17% increase in conversion rate
  • 44% increase in spend
  • 42% increase in leads generated

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • 800% increase in spend
  • 500% increase in leads generated

Medical Spas

  • 16% improvement in cost per lead
  • 20% increase in conversion rate


  • 76% improvement in cost per lead
  • 255% increase in spend
  • 1400% increase in leads generated

What’s Driving These Results?

In the coming weeks and months, there will be no shortage of opportunities for medical practices to meet pent-up demand for their services. In a recent survey, consumers told us that not only are they anticipating a return to normalcy, but that they’ve set money aside to take care of medical procedures once they feel safe doing so.

The key to capturing this demand is putting the right types of ads in front of the right types of people. Depending on the services they’re interested in, your potential patients could be ready to make an appointment or just starting the research process. At Scorpion, we employ machine learning programs that use a combination of historical data, public information, and feedback from our clients to carefully choose the platforms and keywords their campaigns should target. For specialty areas that are well on their way to opening back up, this might mean focusing more on ads that emphasize conversion. If potential patients aren’t quite ready to come in to see you at your office, a brand campaign will still keep you in front of them until they are ready to make a move — and our algorithms allocate your budget accordingly.

How Should Practice Owners Move Forward?

The current national situation is still fraught with uncertainty, and business owners need to spend their money as efficiently as possible during this time. From your practice area to your location and future goals, the most efficient strategy will vary based on several factors. With strategies that aggressively target high-intent keywords and services with a larger ROI, Scorpion’s medical marketing experts can help your practice get more out of your advertising dollars and navigate the ebb and flow of this crisis with more certainty.

If you’re interested in building a marketing strategy that’s custom-fit to solve the issues your practice is facing in the post-crisis transition, reach out to us here — our team would be happy to help.

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