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Finally Finding the Right Marketing Partner

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“I Don’t Trust Any of These Marketing Companies”

By the time Tim Flynn encountered Scorpion, he had already been put through the wringer by marketing companies who had sold him a bill of goods but seemed to care more about taking his hard-earned money than delivering real results. He made no secret of his distrust (and even disdain) for digital marketing as a whole.

Tim was so passionate about solving this problem that he created a presentation that detailed exactly how he wanted his marketing strategy to go—because he felt this was necessary to protect his business. His only remaining task was to find a partner who would actually deliver.

From Overwhelming Waste to Real Results

Tim’s detailed presentation showed just how passionate he is about his company’s success and future. We took this to heart, taking the time to understand exactly what he wanted. We worked with him to create a plan of action that would make this a reality. We identified who we would target, where we would target, and why, and built a detailed strategy to show exactly how we would spend his hard-earned marketing dollars.
Tim Flynn and his Scorpion team

A Partnership Turned Friendship

Since partnering with Scorpion in 2016, Tim has been able to expand his business significantly, setting brand new records for revenue in 2019 and planning for two new locations in 2020.

We’re proud to build lasting friendships with great home services business owners like Tim Flynn. We love you, Tim!

“When I hear Scorpion, I think about click it and it’s done. I really can’t equate it to any other company that I’ve done business with. They get it.”

Tim Flynn

Owner, Winters Home Services

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