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Vaughan C. Jones Attorney at Law

Bringing Financial Security to a New Criminal Defense Firm

Vaughan C. Jones Attorney at Law

From Prosecutor to Defense Attorney

When former prosecutor Vaughan C. Jones decided to transition his focus to criminal defense, he wanted to skip the part where he relied on court-appointed cases to build his reputation. He wanted potential clients to know his name and seek his counsel.

Vaughan was looking for a marketing partner who could create a strong and compelling presence for his firm on the Internet, where most people search for an attorney. He came to Scorpion for an innovative approach that would fast-track his firm’s standing and success.

Vaughan C. Jones

Stability & Success

In working with Vaughan, we knew we needed to build a digital marketing strategy and online presence from the ground up. Our designers and developers built the type of website that displayed Vaughan’s experience and marketed it to the right audience, all to generate the type of leads and clients that would bring long-term stability and success. Vaughan was more than satisfied with the outcome, saying, “You’re so good at what you do...I’m hesitant to recommend you to my competitors.”
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Top Placement in a Tough Market

It’s been about a decade since Vaughan C. Jones partnered with Scorpion. Instead of spending years relying upon court-appointed cases to make a name for himself, he benefited from smarter marketing that has earned him top placement on Google and an online presence that inspires potential clients to call for a consultation. Today, none of Vaughan’s cases are court-appointed, and three out of every four cases can be directly attributed to his digital marketing campaigns.

Vaughan, we’re very happy that you decided to trust your firm’s future with our team. Let’s take it to the next level!

“Scorpion has helped my practice so’s why I’m excited to talk about you! I just hope my competitors don’t find out!”

Vaughan C. Jones

Founder, Vaughan C. Jones Attorney at Law

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