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Urgentology Care

A Small Urgent Care Practice Rises as a Leader During a Pandemic

Urgentology Care
3 Months
In Third Month with Scorpion
January-May 2020 (YoY)
January-May 2020 (YoY)

A Small Practice Competing with National Brands

Urgentology Care opened their doors in 2018 in Arlington, Texas as a family-run practice. Located in the densely populated Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, they had their competition cut out for them. As a small, single-center practice coming up against multinational urgent care centers in the area, it was clear Urgentology Care needed to be strategic with their marketing if they wanted to make it. So, the practice’s CEO, Yaman Subei, led the charge in making sure their practice was visible online and in the community.

Urgentology Care got a good start in building the practice’s digital presence, but after a while, it became clear that they needed a whole new level of support. They needed someone who fully understood the nuances of their industry and could run full-speed with their marketing without a lot of oversight. They also needed a better way to track their results.

Urgentology location

Support During a Crisis

Due to Scorpion’s expertise in medical digital marketing, Yaman chose us as Urgentology Care’s new partner. We worked with the practice to enhance their online image, and we leveraged digital marketing campaigns to bring them more online exposure. Everything was going great, but then something happened — the coronavirus outbreak.

The day after the U.S. implemented its travel ban, Urgentology Care saw their daily patient volume plummet by about 50%. Knowing they had to move quickly, they adapted their clinical protocols to address safety concerns and got ahead of other urgent care centers in their area in securing high volumes of COVID-19 test kits. Then, it was up to our team to help them spread the word.

Urgentology doctor

Demonstrated Leadership & a Journey of Growth

Even in a challenging market and amidst a situation nobody was prepared for, Urgentology Care defied the odds to achieve extraordinary growth. Specifically, that was 65% growth in the center’s average daily patient volume year-over-year and 45% growth in revenue year-over-year — and that’s during a pandemic.

Why did they succeed? It’s all because of their willingness to pivot their business and marketing strategy, and the leadership they demonstrated as a healthcare provider in their community.

Yaman, Urgentology Care has an amazing story of resilience, and we’re happy to be a part of it. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for your practice!

“We’re hitting all our targets and seeing trending growth with Scorpion. It’s a fantastic partnership, and I’m looking forward to it being a lifelong partnership. As we grow to more locations in the future, we’d love to see Scorpion partner with us for each site.”

Yaman Subei

CEO, Urgentology Care

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