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A Scattered Marketing Approach

Outdoor Living Brands is on a mission to provide unique and beautiful outdoor living spaces for their clients while enriching their properties. To do so, they’ve gathered franchises under their name including Conserva Irrigation, Archadeck Outdoor Living, and Outdoor Lighting Perspective.

But when it comes to marketing for their franchises, the future was anything, but bright. Because Outdoor Living Brands was utilizing different vendors for various marketing efforts, franchise owners had to juggle their marketing strategies with different providers, and the results were anything but ideal. Digital Marketing Manager for Outdoor Living Brands Annena Ellis explained that sometimes franchise owners would usually end up with a single home page. “They had no content written for them, we had to introduce them to multiple vendors…it was just a lot for them to manage to build out the site content that they needed.”

Outdoor Living Brands needed a marketing partner that could provide support in all avenues and that’s when they turned to Scorpion.

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Bringing it All Together

When Outdoor Living approached Scorpion for marketing help, they brought with them more than just the needs of the parent company. With three other brands underneath, that meant managing the advertising of those brands as well.

Jane Campbell, Director of Marketing at Outdoor Living Brands made the decision to bring forward Conserva Irrigation as the first partner to work with Scorpion. Excited by the results they were seeing, Outdoor Lighting Perspective soon followed, then Arachadeck, and finally the parent company Outdoor Living Brands.

With the full force of Scorpion’s marketing team handling the advertising for the franchises, business owners could get back to what mattered— growing their location. “I think they brought a lot of ease and peace of mind to our franchisees that they really needed in order to kind of take their advertising, and let them focus on running their business.”

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Record-breaking Results

Since partnering with Scorpion, the franchise brands have experienced recording-breaking results from their marketing strategies.

Conserva franchises continue to gain high-quality leads and revenue. Along with new locations, Archadeck has had recording leading revenue resulting in an increase in average job value, which has led to higher quality leads for the franchise owners.

By 2020 Outdoor Lighting broke every marketing record they set for themselves—including traffic, revenue, and leads— and has opened almost twenty new locations as a result.

“The support at Scorpion really did sell us to move forward. It's allowed us to be more proactive in our campaigns.”

Jane Campbell

Director of Marketing, Empower Brands

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