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Embry Family Law P.C.

How One Firm Made Their Marketing More Cost-Effective During the Pandemic

Embry Family Law P.C.
In Two Months
Return on Investment

Getting More Out of the Firm’s Ad Budget

In 2018, Ben E. Embry started his own law firm that was focused 100% on family law so he could give clients the specialized representation they needed. To boost his firm’s online visibility and attract more clients, Ben later partnered with our team at Scorpion to build Embry Family Law a professional and modern website. He also partnered with us for his digital advertising.

While the firm’s campaigns were bringing in new clients, we realized there was an area that needed improvement — Ben was paying too much for each lead, and there was an opportunity to lower those costs and stretch his budget further each month. And with challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, cost-effective advertising was more important than ever.

Smarter Strategies & Tech

We knew there was more that could be done for Embry Family Law’s advertising campaigns, so with Ben’s approval, we bumped him up a notch by setting him up with our Scorpion One solution. This solution essentially helped diversify the firm’s ad spend to more digital channels, and it also leveraged our machine learning and advertising automation technology to give his campaigns a more competitive edge.
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Reducing Costs & Growing Exposure for the Firm

With the use of Scorpion One, Embry Family Law was able to significantly lower the average cost they were paying for each lead in the span of just a couple of months, which led to an impressive return on investment.

Also, by being visible in more places online, the firm was able to boost their brand awareness. This was evident through the 9X increase in impressions (or views) Embry Family Law saw in their branded search campaign (the ads they showed to people who searched for the firm by name). Brand awareness marketing is an especially important tactic during the pandemic when people have more time on their hands to browse the Internet, and Ben was able to capitalize on that.

Ben, we’re so excited that Scorpion One worked for your firm, and we can’t wait to see how you’re able to take your advertising to the next level in the months and years to come!

“I have been working with Scorpion since June 2019. I could go on and on regarding how great my marketing team has been during this time, but there is not enough time or space. Since partnering with Scorpion, I have seen 4-5X ROI. My business is continuing to grow, and I owe it to Scorpion.”

Ben E. Embry,

Founding Attorney, Embry Family Law P.C.

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