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Bloomin' Blinds

Adding 23 New Locations in Under 2 Years

Bloomin' Blinds

Disappointing Results

CEO Kelsey Stuart has been a vital part of running franchise operations for Bloomin’ Blinds since 2001, when his mother started the company. Before Scorpion, he worked with a marketing provider who created a website for the brand’s then six locations, but Kelsey and his family were frustrated with the outcome.

So, they started putting money into search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising to modernize their marketing strategy, but they still felt that their current provider wasn’t properly managing their budget. They were seeing little in the way of tangible results.

Everything changed when Kelsey met Scorpion at a conference and saw an opportunity to work with a partner who could make a difference. “We had two different goals when it came to our marketing, and we just needed to make sure the money would continue to flow,” said Kelsey.

Kelsey Stuart and her family

Sweeping Changes

When we started working with Bloomin’ Blinds, we set out to provide Kelsey and his team with a modernized and franchisee-friendly website, strategic advertising, and real-time tracking that would bring much-needed transparency to their online marketing. These efforts paid off. Not only did individual locations experience a 143% year-over-year uptake in new, but Bloomin’ Blinds grew from 6 to 29 locations in under 2 years.
The Bloomin' Blinds Family

Meeting Goals with a Single Partner

Since partnering with Scorpion, Bloomin’ Blinds has been able to have all of their online marketing and digital advertising needs addressed by a single partner. They’ve seen tremendous growth and are continuing to expand all over the U.S. 

Kelsey, we’re inspired by your commitment and are excited to bring the Bloomin’ Blinds brand even more success!

“Scorpion works with other franchises we aspire to become.”

Kelsey Stuart

CEO, Bloomin' Blinds

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