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Barlow Respiratory Hospital

Creating a Clearer Path to Lifesaving Care for Patients

Increase in Organic Web Traffic
Decrease in Total Bounce Rate
3 Yrs
A Successful Scorpion Client for Nearly 3 Years

Delivering Specialized Care in Critical Times

As a small, not-for-profit hospital that serves post-ICU patients, Barlow Respiratory Hospital plays a highly specialized and important role for those who need their care. And because facilities like these operate in such a specific healthcare niche, being visible and accessible to the local community is more important than ever. “Nobody really knows what we do or why we exist until they need us,” said Julia Shimizu, Director of Public Relations for Barlow Respiratory Hospital, which is based on Los Angeles, California “For me, marketing the hospital should be translated into terms more like ‘bringing the hospital to the people who need to know about us.’”

And that’s why the leadership at Barlow Respiratory Hospital decided to look for a marketing company that could help them improve their online presence.

Julia Shimizu

Finding Someone Who Understands Their Needs

Julia and her team knew they needed to find a marketing company with the technical expertise to lead their digital strategy—but they also needed more than that… they needed a partner who could address their unique needs as a nonprofit healthcare organization with a limited budget. After signing on with Scorpion, Julia was pleased to find that this is the exact type of support our team is able to deliver.
Barlow Hospital patient and nurse

Maximized Visibility & Impact on the Local Community

Within six months of their partnership with Scorpion, Barlow Respiratory Hospital saw a spike in the number of people who were engaging with their hospital online. Not only did they experience a boost in organic traffic to their site, but more than 80% of that traffic was from new visitors (or new prospective patients for their hospital).

For Barlow Respiratory Hospital, improving their digital presence was much more than just a smart business move—it was a move that comes from the heart of the organization… their deep-seated desire to serve people in their greatest time of need and give them the hope and peace of mind they’re looking for.

Julia, we’re honored to be a part of your journey in helping patients restore their lives. We’re here to support you and your team!

“Scorpion means to me, that I can do my job better, that I can help families discover and trust Barlow Respiratory Hospital.”

Julia Shimizu

Director of Public Relations, Barlow Respiratory Hospital

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