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Making a Difference, One Client at a Time

Arnold & Itkin is a firm that sees clients for who they really are: people. People who need help during the most challenging times of their lives. With their amazing ability to fight for and find the truth, they were built to do exactly what they do every day. Fight for people, and to find justice. It’s not just the victory that matters to them, it’s making a big enough impact to change how companies behave to prevent future events from occurring. Equipped with the talent and drive to get great results for people, the only part that was missing was the right partner to get them in front of the people who really needed their help.
lawyers arnold and itkin resting on a banister

A Partnership Built on Passion & Commitment

Jason and Kurt are driven by an unwavering desire to help others. According to Kurt, “We take the cases that we must win because it’s the right thing, the ones we have to win—even if it’s hard. Especially if it’s hard." We saw the opportunity to help Jason and Kurt make the impact they wanted. We matched their passion and commitment and created strategies that would help them do what many considered impossible.
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“These Guys Are Just Like Us”

In the last decade, we’re proud to have played a part in Arnold & Itkin’s ability to reach the people who need them most. We think of Jason, Kurt, and the entire Arnold & Itkin team as family and will stop at nothing to see them continue to succeed.

It is this driving force behind our relationship and our campaigns that fuels us as we continue to help Arnold & Itkin change people’s lives and even foster change in key areas such as consumer rights and workplace safety.

Jason and Kurt, we can’t wait to see what the future holds. And no matter what, we’re all in.

“There is no doubt that Scorpion is the best internet marketing company in the country period full stop.”

Jason Itkin

Founding Partner, Arnold & Itkin LLP

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