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The Sekou Clarke Law Group

How an Immigration Attorney Built up His Brand & His Practice

Increase in Web Traffic
More Cases
Increase in Total Leads

An Independent Practice in a Tough Market

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Sekou Clarke didn’t plan on becoming one of Orlando’s top immigration attorneys, but that’s exactly what happened. After coming to the University of Florida on a track and field scholarship, Sekou pursued a passion for justice and advocacy and founded The Sekou Clarke Law Group.

Sekou knew he’d need a marketing partner to not only help promote his new practice, but also embrace, support, and promote his personal brand. After all, it takes more than passion to succeed in a tough market. It takes strategy and an image that conveys that sense of trust that clients need. That’s when Sekou found Scorpion.

Attorney Sekou Clarke

Focusing on the Attorney

We share Sekou's belief that clients aren’t buying the firm, they’re buying the attorney. We saw that Sekou had a lot to offer, and this needed to be accurately portrayed to draw in more traffic, more leads, and ultimately, more clients. We used our marketing and branding expertise to position Sekou as the go-to immigration attorney in the Orlando area. Sekou started seeing results, and he had this to say: “You are phenomenal at what you do—I feel like I’m your only client.”

Attorney Sekou Clarke

Exceeding Expectations

More calls, more leads, more clients. A 40% increase in monthly revenue. Those are the results that Sekou Clarke has seen with Scorpion. We constantly work to blow his expectations out of the water.

Sekou, we’re thrilled that we’ve been able to help you achieve this success. Let's keep the momentum going strong!

"The ROI, the quality of the calls, the quality of the leads, the customer service...everything you’ve done has exceeded my expectations.”

Sekou Clarke

Founding Attorney, The Sekou Clarke Law Group

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