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Incorporating Video into Law Firm Marketing

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Just as there are countless types of law practices and lawyers, so too are there a variety of ways to use video for marketing their services. From a few cheeky seconds on TikTok to website video bios to repurposing a recorded webinar, law firms have choices regarding how to use video to market.

So, what kind of lawyer video content should you be making? What do you do with the video once it’s ready?

The answers to those questions can be found in the law firm’s legal marketing strategy. While there’s something to be said for picking up a smartphone and pressing the record button in the hopes of going viral, taking a strategic, creative, and comprehensive approach to lawyer video marketing will ensure a better ROI on your video efforts.

Video Marketing Benefits

Survey after survey indicates that online video usage is only increasing. The internet is full of statistics like “97.8% of U.S. internet users aged between 18 and 24 consider themselves to be digital video viewers” and the three billion internet users of any age who watched streaming or downloaded video at least once per month in 2022 is expected to “increase annually and reach nearly 3.5 billion” in 2023.

Important for law firms wishing to incorporate video into their marketing is how these statistics translate into business development. Wyzowl, which makes animated “explainer” videos, released a survey that found that 89% of those polled say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service (with 96% saying they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service). Overall, video marketing can help your overall digital marketing strategy.

Given their popularity and effectiveness, videos should be a staple of your content marketing plan. They provide all the same benefits as your other content, like blogs, articles, descriptive website pages, etc. by:

  • Increasing firm visibility
  • Branding
  • Increasing traffic to the firm website
  • Supporting SEO efforts by increasing “dwell” time on pages and generating the engagement that leads to higher search results rankings
  • Connecting with more people in an emotional, relatable way
  • Building trust by showing leads and prospective clients you are not only knowledgeable, but also approachable

How to Get Started with Law Firm Video Marketing

Even if your law firm’s marketing strategy doesn’t specifically mention “video,” it does include the information you need to get started:

  • What service you want to “market”
  • Who you want to market your service to
  • What you want to say about your service
  • Your goals

Armed with that knowledge, you can smartly start incorporating video into your law firm marketing by matching your ideal client profile with the research. For example, you find that the best leads for your DUI defense service are young men. Your research shows this demographic likes funny videos that are only a few seconds long and they are avid YouTube users. Or, say, you specialize in helping middle-aged adults with their estate planning. You find that this group appreciates informative videos, even if they are a few minutes long, and that they use Google searches to find what they need.

Types of Videos Law Firms Should Use

Now that you know who you’re making videos for you can start creating the types of videos that will reach and resonate. Here are just some of the types of videos you can use to market your law firm:

  1. Explainer videos: As referenced above, explainer videos allow you to convey a legal concept in a succinct, knowledgeable way. Examples include short videos on topics like “what is a will?” or “how the state’s new pedestrian law changes pedestrian vs. auto lawsuits.”
  2. Thought leadership videos: These can be stand-alone videos or accompany other content, like a blog or an article. Thought leadership videos are longer than explainer videos and showcase your authority on a complex legal development or trend. Used with other content, thought leadership videos are a catchy way to introduce in-depth pieces.
  3. Law firm informational videos: Share your firm’s origin story, commitment to diversity, or unique approach to client service in a video that gives potential clients more information about the people behind the practice.
  4. Practice area descriptions: While a practice page on a firm website describing the services you offer is standard, a video that discusses how it helps people provides a human, interactive touch to an often dry web page.
  5. Professional bio videos: Let prospective clients see you’re more than your experience and skill with a brief video bio. Discuss what you’re passionate about or why you enjoy your area of law to make engaging connections.
  6. Rebroadcasts: Any presentation, seminar, webinar, or video podcast can pull double duty as video marketing content.
  7. Entertaining videos: Not for everyone, but videos that entertain have a growing place in law firm marketing. Sometimes cringey, but always memorable. Check out the @lawbulldog on Instagram or this @thelawyer TikTok video that spread like wildfire when it was released.
  8. Advertisements: A television or online ad is also video marketing.

Law Firm Video Marketing Tips

While there are many approaches to law firm video marketing, from campy do-it-yourself TikToks to professional and polished documentary-style videos, use these tips to get the most from your videos:

  • Save time by deciding what you want to say in advance. An outline, bullet points, or even a script for a longer video will cut down on shooting time and make you feel more prepared — and look relaxed.
  • Professional videographers are ideal for longer-form videos, but the smartphone in your hand is a good place to start. Just start shooting!
  • Pay attention to lighting, think about camera angles (don’t shoot yourself from below – trust us), and ensure your background is free of distractions and anything you don’t want broadcast. These tips will help with overall video production.
  • Shoot once – post everywhere! Videos can go on your firm website, social media channels, in marketing emails, and, of course, on YouTube.

Get help from Scorpion Studios

Did you know we have a full studio team at Scorpion? Along with building you a great website and running your advertising we can create videos that showcase your law firm in a way that will get you more clients. From short YouTube ads to professional grade commercials, our team is ready to help you with your law firm video marketing. 

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If you're looking to start using video in your marketing efforts and you're not sure where to start, the Scorpion team can help you create a video content strategy that compliments your overall firm goals. 

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