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A Roofer's Guide to Improving the Customer Experience

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As a business owner, you do what you can to bring in new and retain current roofing prospects and customers. Maybe you ask your current customers for referrals. Or you spend your free time working on your website or sending marketing emails with service information and special offers. But this work isn’t always easy — nor does it always lead to increased business.

If you’re looking for an effective strategy to increase the amount of business your roofing company gets, think about improving the customer experience.

Continue reading this blog to understand how to make a delightful and memorable customer experience for your roofing company that drives business growth.

Improved Customer Experience for Roofers

To make for a better customer experience for your buyer personas including roofing leads and existing customers, you must understand the impacts of a positive customer experience vs. a poor customer experience as well as how to define CX.

Impact of Good Customer Experience for Roofers

A positive overall customer experience for your roofing business impacts customer loyalty, brand advocacy, and customer retention — all of which contribute to growth. It means your customers have enjoyed their communications, interactions, and services with your business.

Impact of Bad Customer Experience for Roofers

A poor customer experience may deter roofing leads from wanting to become customers. It also increases the likelihood that you won’t have loyal customers, brand advocates, or positive customer reviews. It means your roofing leads and clients have found it challenging to conduct business with you or did not enjoy engaging with your reps and/or brand for some reason.

Roofing Customer Experience vs. Roofing Customer Service vs. Customer Loyalty

  • Customer experience is how your roofing leads and customers engage with and perceive your roofing business throughout each stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Customer service (and the work of a customer service team) is how your roofing business provides customer support to clients at any point in time to resolve the challenges they’re facing.
  • Customer loyalty is when your current clients return to your company for additional business — they may even become brand promoters and advocates.

What is roofing customer experience management?

Roofing customer experience management encompasses the strategies and technologies that make up CX including customer engagement and satisfaction. It’s higher level than a roofing customer experience strategy which outlines the plans for how your roofing business will create a positive and high-quality customer experience.

How to Improve the Roofing Customer Experience

The following few strategies and tips will help your roofing business improve customer experience.

Personalize the roofing customer journey.

One way to increase the number of happy customers your roofing company brings in and retains is through personalization during the customer journey. By personalizing and tailoring all communications with your customers including in-person and digital experiences, you’ll improve retention and brand loyalty (both of which directly impact overall customer experience).

Here are some examples of how you can personalize the customer journey for roofing leads.

  • Use the roofing prospect’s name and reference their past services across their digital customer experiences such as email marketing so they feel like you know them on an individual basis (i.e., make them feel like they aren’t just another customer).
  • Establish a contact center through which roofing leads and customers can reach out to have one-on-one conversations and book services, ask questions, and more.
  • Ensure roofing reps have customer profiles handy during any communications with prospects and customers. This allows them to 1) know a bit about who they’re talking to (e.g., their name and whether they’re a returning customer) and 2) take and add diligent notes to the customer profile after conversations for future reference.

Track and adjust your roofing customer experience over time.

One of the most effective ways to improve the customer experience for your roofing business is by tracking and adjusting your efforts and strategy over time. Here are a few ways you may do this.

1. Survey your roofing leads.

Survey your roofing leads to get valuable customer feedback — this will give you a better idea of customer satisfaction, customer engagement, and whether you’re meeting customer needs. Then you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments to improve the roofing customer experience.

Ask them questions about all aspects of their experience with your roofing company. For example:

  • How did you find our roofing business?
  • Was it easy or difficult for you to book a consultation or roofing service?
  • Did our roofing business successfully meet or exceed customer expectations?
  • Would you do business with us again based on your experience?

Pro tip: Consider using survey software to simplify the process of creating, sharing, and collecting surveys with your roofing leads and customers.

Depending on how in-depth your survey responses and customer feedback are, you can take your results a step further. Ask the respondents who give you positive responses if they’d be willing to be interviewed for a customer story. You can use your customer stories internally so new roofing reps can learn about your buyer personas. You may also be able to publish your customer stories on your website as social proof for roofing prospects and website visitors.

2. Map the customer journey.

Customer journey mapping explains and analyzes every interaction, engagement, and product experience that roofing prospects and customers have with your brand throughout each stage of the buyer’s journey. Understanding this information on a detailed level allows your roofing business to identify any areas where the journey may be more difficult than others and adjust as needed.

3. Select roofing CX KPIs and metrics.

With roofing customer experience KPIs and metrics, you’ll be able to understand customer behaviors and discover real customer data that will inform necessary adjustments or actions you need to make to improve elements of the customer experience. Here are a few examples.

  • Roofing customer effort score (CES): How much effort does it take for a customer to get the result they’re looking for from your roofing business? (This may relate to a completed service, customer support request, consultation, etc.)
  • Roofing net promoter score (NPS): On a scale of 1-10, how likely is a customer to recommend your roofing business to a member of their network (e.g. a friend, family member, or colleague)?
  • Roofing customer satisfaction score: On a scale of 1-7, how satisfied is the customer with their interactions with your roofing business (1 being the worst, 7 being the best)?
  • Roofing customer retention rate: What is the percentage of roofing customers you’re able to retain as clients over time?
  • Roofing customer lifetime value (CLV): How much revenue can your roofing business expect to make from individual customers throughout their entire relationship with your brand?

Improve the Roofing Customer Experience to Increase Roofing Leads

Improve the roofing customer experience to increase roofing leads, streamline customer interactions, enhance positive experiences, and ultimately drive business growth.


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