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The Sharpest Tool Podcast Recap: Maximizing Your Paid Advertising Efforts

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Digital Advertising
Casey Shull

In this latest episode of Sharpest Tool, available here, Host Josh Smith is joined by co-host Nicholas Bosco as they cover how to maximize your paid advertising efforts.

The Power of Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the most crucial routes to business success. While organic growth approaches like SEO will remain just as important, paid advertising brings its own benefits-

  • Results are more immediate.
  • Complements SEO efforts for greater impact.
  • Strategic route for lead generation

Paid advertising channels can be complex. Here are some ways to ensure your focus is on the strategies that will be the best way to generate the results you’re looking for.

Considering the Cost Per Lead Metric

While SEO takes time and patience to build a foundation of success, paid advertising provides a high-intent route to growth, but that costs money. For paid advertising, that’s known as the cost per lead (CPL).

Boscoe notes, “The idea is to look for the lowest cost per lead possible, which is going to come with different channels that you’re going to be running.” Paid advertising provides a variety of channels to choose from, including-

  • Google PPC
  • Yahoo
  • Local Service Ads (LSAs)
  • Google Guaranteed

Bosco continues by providing a scenario of a cost per lead and what you can expect with your marketing budget.

A Well-Rounded Strategy

While paid advertising is one of the strongest ways to capture interested leads, it’s vital to keep your strategy diverse and well-rounded. Josh and Bosco dive into the branded and non-branded searches and why they’re important to consider in your paid advertising efforts.

For your paid advertising to truly make a difference, Bosco and Josh cover a few essential steps business owners should take when launching their campaigns, including understanding how and why fluctuations can happen, the importance of measuring CPL data over time, being responsive to calls coming in, and continuing working to improve online reputation.

Join in next time as host Josh Smith covers how to unlock success with customer-driven strategies.