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Scorpion Launches Industry Leading AI Chat Solution for Local Businesses

Scorpion's new AI Chat feature helps local businesses interact with website visitors 24/7, improve engagement, and drive conversions.
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Caitlyn Blair

Scorpion is excited to announce the launch of our new product offering, Connect with AI Chat. Businesses of any size now have access to a conversational AI chatbot that is available 24/7 to answer questions about their business and services.

Previously, major corporations benefited the most from this type of technology, but that is changing. For more than 20 years, Scorpion has been working to empower local businesses, and AI Chat is one more way we are leveling the playing field. Every business that uses Scorpion’s AI Chat feature benefits from a customized chat feature that is available 24/7. On average, businesses that activated Scorpion’s AI Chat feature saw a 16% increase in the time that visitors spend on their website.

Businesses that utilize Scorpion Connect with AI Chat can expect to:

  • Improve Engagement: Help visitors go from “just looking” to “ready to get started.”
  • Enable Quick Scheduling: Convert potential customers into real appointments.
  • Provide Accurate Answers 24/7: Scorpion’s AI Chat responds regardless of the time of day (or night)!
  • Reduce Workload for Staff: Work more efficiently by letting Scorpion’s AI Chat answer the most common questions people have online.

So how does it accomplish this? It leverages Scorpion’s experience with thousands of local businesses, including hundreds of thousands of real customer conversations. This enables the feature to provide the information, support, and reassurance that customers need to commit.

Learn more about Connect with AI Chat.

Turn Website Visitors into Customers

AI Chat automatically collects client details and preferences to enable lead qualification, prioritization, and nurturing. When website visitors are ready to take the next steps, they can choose to contact your business whichever way they prefer, including:

  • Texting your business directly
  • Scheduling time on your calendar
  • Sending an email
  • Requesting a call from your business

21% of website visitors who interact with Scorpion's AI Chat feature choose to take these next steps. Not only does this increase your lead count, but the leads you spend time interacting with will be much more qualified.

“Our customers want convenience and a great experience from the first time they interact with us on our website, all the way through to their service and purchase,” said Toby Tippets, President of Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning. “Scorpion’s AI Chat can answer questions about our services, help customers schedule an appointment, and even facilitate payment of an invoice. It’s been like having an employee providing personalized customer service directly from our website.”

What Does Scorpion’s AI Chat Feature Mean for Local Businesses?

It means that local businesses have access to a powerful tool that provides them more opportunities to convert new leads and customers than ever before. Scorpion’s AI Chat is designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities that local service businesses face.

While existing generative AI solutions sometimes struggle with inaccuracy or inappropriate responses, Scorpion’s AI Chat has been specially tuned to deliver factually accurate, up-to-date, and safe responses. It also follows industry-specific workflows and behavioral guidelines developed through Scorpion’s more than 20 years of experience with law firms and home service professionals.

“Generative AI technology like OpenAI’s GPT models offer unprecedented opportunities for saving time through automated workflows,” said Scorpion Chief Data Scientist Matt Bentley. “But making AI safe and effective for local services businesses requires a suite of supporting technologies, much like electricity requires infrastructure and specialized tools to become something that can be safely used by everyone.”

Learn more about AI Chat and how Scorpion uses industry-leading technology to help you run your best business. Contact us today.